Five Great Movies for Fall 2012

iStock_000016277696XSmall.jpgWe’ve been hitting the movies a lot lately. And that means, we have seen family movies and date night movies that are incredibly entertaining along with one movie that’s not amazing — “Cloud Atlas.” So we won’t be writing about that film so save your money. Here are the films we say are totally worth it:
1. Argo – This film is destined for several Academy Awards. Ben Affleck has hit it out of the park with this true story of the six US citizens who escaped from the Iranian embassy during the Hostage crisis in the 70’s and managed to find their way out by posing as a bogus film crew.

2. Wreck it Ralph – Super cute animated film by Pixar that merges old school video game heroes and bad guys with cyber heroes and villains. Seth Rogan, Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch are hilarious.

3. Pitch Perfect – I laughed out loud right along with my family in this PG13 teen film about competitive a capella groups.

4. Lincoln – Judging from the trailer, I am so there the minute this film opens in theaters nationwide. The advanced buzz is amazing and I’m pretty sure Daniel Day Lewis is going to win another Oscar.

5. Flight – Can’t wait to see this film with Denzel Washington about a pilot who was FUI (flying under the influence) and the plane crashes but he miraculously saves most of the passengers.

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