Tuition Logo.jpgWhen it comes to college tuition, the cost to fund higher education seems out of the stratosphere. In fact, student debt loans are currently over one trillion dollars and are climbing every day. If you have a child who has their heart set on a school but you don’t have the finances to fund their academic dream, that’s where scholarships come in. While many think that scholarships are simply for those who are academically advanced or who are great athletes, think again.
Dr Pepper is currently giving away a million dollars in tuition and all you have to do is submit a video at and earn a chance to compete for $100,000 
which will be awarded at five signature college football events this year. Dr Pepper will also be awarding $2,500 in instant tuition prizes through the end of the year.
benkaplanphoto_.jpgAccording to college scholarship expert and author Ben Kaplan and spokesperson for Dr. Pepper, it’s possible to help fund college by researching the numerous scholarship options available to students.
When he was applying to college, Kaplan, who grew up in Eugene, Oregon, won over two dozen scholarships and earned over $90,000 towards his tuition at Harvard University. Following graduation, Ben has written numerous books and started which has helped families and students save over half a billion dollars in college costs. He says, “I truly believe there is a scholarship for everyone.”
Kaplan also offers important tips to parents and students to find great scholarship opportunities:
1. Do not to neglect local or national programs. The Dr. Pepper scholarship campaign is a big national offering but don’t forget about the local Elks club which also offers scholarship opportunities in local communities.
2. Don’t Just Rely on Your School for College Scholarship Information. Understand exactly what resources your school has with regard to scholarship opportunities. Don’t rely just on your school – check out what other schools are listing in their areas and beyond. Look at the college and career center pages of other high schools in your area where you oftentimes don’t have to be a student to apply.
3. Start your scholarship search as early as middle school — there are a lot of programs geared toward younger students that offer cash and educational incentives.
4. Families should work together to secure scholarships. For the Dr. Pepper campaign, parents can submit videos on behalf of their kids — “I remember that working on scholarships with my family brought us closer together,” says Kaplan. The Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway program has changed the lives of numerous college students, allowing them to achieve their personal and academic goals by removing the financial burden of college tuition.
5. Scholarship opportunities don’t come knocking on your door — you have to go out and find them. Says Kaplan, “I love scholarship programs that are interesting and creative and not the norm.” There’s a big misconception that there are only scholarships for academics and sports. “I truly believe there is a scholarship for everyone,” he adds.
Check out the video below and get ready to submit your own!

For more information about how you and your family can submit a video for the Dr. Pepper college tuition campaign, visit