Alma’s Multigrain Mac & Cheese Recipe

macandcheese.JPGAs we all prepare for T-Day, it’s important to have a dish that we KNOW the kids will eat . Here’s a healthier version of the boxed mac and cheese that the kiddies are sure to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!
Multigrain mac and cheese:
2 boxes multigrain Barilla Pasta , 13.5 oz each
4 cups shredded, mild cheddar cheese , about 3/4 lb
2 cups whole milk
6 TBS flour
2 TBS butter, diced
tsp salt
1/8-1/4 tsp pepper
Boil pasta . While it is boiling, begin the rue:
In a medium sized sauce pan over low-medium flame, heat up milk until it starts to bubble
Add in the flour to the milk slowly while stirring with a whisk
Keep stirring until mixture begins to thicken and then add in diced butter and let melt , stirring all the while until mixture is thick and sticks to the spoon
Add in salt and pepper and combine. Set aside until pasta is done cooking.
Add the rue and grated cheese to the drained, hot pasta and stir until all the pasta is coated and the cheese melts. Serve hot and enjoy!
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