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Thumbnail image for Select Theme Screen.png I love taking pictures. Some may even call me “obsessed”. I am constantly capturing moments with my kids and friends on my digital camera and on my phone. These are memories I love to look back on and share with everyone. For many of us, however, the pictures tend to be forgotten or left as unused photos that sit in the black hole of our phone for months. Now, the first free mobile website creation product, Zapd, introduces the concept of social websites, created within about one minute, helping to ensure every memory is shared – whether it be through photos, words or links.
For those not into social media, it creates a stand alone website… for those into social media, it can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. The big differentiator with Zapd, is that other people you choose are able to collaborate and post photos on your new site. Zapd 1.0 launched in early 2011 and quickly ranked in the top 10 on the iPhone App Store in 11 countries. It was also featured as iTunes’ app of the week for multiple weeks. With Zapd’s newest version, users will have the ability to not only create a website in 60 seconds or less from their iPhone, they will also be able to share and collaborate with friends, family and other Zapd users.
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Some of what’s new in Zapd 2.0:
• Collaboration – invite others to make websites with you
• Easier, faster creation – batch uploads of photos
• Photo editing -­ filters, cropping and more image enhancing options
• Personalization -­ a dozen new themed layouts
• Feeds – discover and follow other Zaps and authors
• Easy integration – connect the app with existing address book contacts and Facebook friends
Zapd CEO and founder, Kelly Smith, has launched several successful start-ups, including, Imagekind, and RocketVox. “Zapd is about easily capturing an experience – either work or play – and sharing it in a new way, what we call a social website. All this can be done from the iPhone, which liberates millions of users and billions of photos to create themed chapters of their lives,” explains Smith. “Zapd is at the forefront of the changing direction for website creation, design and purpose. Either individually or collectively, Zapd puts website creation literally into the hands of everyday users, in the form of their iPhone.”
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