Marissa Meyer, Maternity Leave and What’s In a Name Anyway?

mpw_cover_2012.jpegI just want to first say that for the record, I have always been a huge supporter of working moms. As a fellow working mother, I can still remember getting the stink eye from stay at home moms who used to make negative comments about how I was never around for the daily pick up at preschool. Yes, I was always there for their performances and games, but I wasn’t the one who was baking cupcakes or attending PTA meetings.
With that confession out of the way, I have to say I am pretty floored by the decision of new Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer to return to work only two weeks after giving birth. Sure, her baby won’t know that his mom is already back in board meetings, but can you honestly be effective at work when you’re only getting about 2-3 hours of sleep per night? And last I checked, Yahoo is an online company. Why can’t they skype her into calls so that she can spend more time to bond with her son. Then again, maybe she wants to return to work right away.
I mean she doesn’t seem to be the nurturing type anyway. In fact, just a few hours after giving birth, she hasn’t yet named her child. She even asked family and friends to help choose a name for her newborn. Are you kidding me? Two weeks maternity leave and crowdsourcing for a baby name. If that doesn’t put her in the working mother hall of shame, I don’t know what will.
I mean, think about. In the next two to three years when it’s time for her son to hit preschool, she’ll be surrounded by plenty of doting moms who are going to cast judgement upon her every move. And now that she’s alienated working moms too, I can’t imagine how she’s going to defend her actions on the maternity leave front.
At the end of the day, I hope that Marissa Mayer will carve out time in her schedule to be with her children. I hope she cherishes the time she has to sleep while she’s in the hospital because once she heads home with her infant, all bets are off. I hope that when she returns to work in two weeks that she doesn’t fall asleep during meetings and conference calls.
And more than anything else, I hope she and her husband are the ones to come up with a name for her son. Maybe they should just call him Shine. It’s an inspiring name, it’s different and it’s part of the Yahoo family. That way, even when Mayer is not home with her child, she can always be reminded that she has a son who is waiting to throw his arms around her neck, shower her with kisses and call her mommy.
So what do you think about a two week maternity leave and sending an email to friends and family to help choose your kids’ name? Totally normal or absolutely insane? I’d love to hear what you think!