Use Trulia Website and Apps for Real Estate Advice and Listings

Written by Role Mommy Contributor Jennifer Comet Wagner

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I recently attended a party hosted by Trulia, a company that provides a range of real estate services, including a website and apps to people looking to buy or rent a home. I was introduced to the array of helpful tools available through Trulia and was very impressed.
The Trulia website offers more than just real estate listings. Some of the other tools and services offered on Trulia are:
1. An estimate of what your home is worth
2. Information on market trends, crime reporting and school review in many areas
3. Connections to recommended agents
4. Get useful tips for buying and selling real estate through Q&A, advice, blogs and guides.
5. Get notifications when nearby houses are listed or sold, prices are cut and open houses are scheduled.
6. See thousands of home design photos
7. Check out celebrity homes (The party was held in a pentouse that Billy Joel previously owned when married to Christie Brinkley).
Trulia offers apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and the Kindle Fire. In addition to basic apps there is also a mortage app and apps specifically for rentals.
Michael Corbett, real estate and lifestyle host of Extra and the host of Extra’s Mansions and Millionaires, is a resident real estate expert at Trulia and co-hosted the party. He has written three successful real estate books, his newest one being Before You Buy: The Homebuyers Handbook for Today’s Market.
If you are even thinking about buying, selling or renting a home, check out Trulia. You’ll be surprised at how much you will learn about real estate.
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