Supermodel for a Day

large.jpegThere is one thing I absolutely love about being a blogger. Actually, there are lots of things but one of the most amazing things about this journey has been the fact that I have met some of the most inspiring and talented women and men along the way who have accomplished incredible things.
Audrey McClelland, Vera Sweeney and Nicole Feliciano are three of these women. Audrey and Vera are the founders of Getting Gorgeous Events and are drop dead gorgeous when you see them. They are also two of the nicest people you will ever meet on the planet. Nicole is the founder of Mom Trends and she is also stunning and uber stylish (hence the name of her incredibly popular blog).
A few weeks ago, Vera and Audrey said they were looking for a few moms to model fashions during their upcoming Fashion Forward blogger conference that was being sponsored by iVillage and planned to feature panels with some of the most talented magazine editors, entrepreneurs, executives and fashion bloggers who have hit the big time and never looked back.
Since my fashion sense is pretty basic (if it matches and it’s black, I wear it), I opted for the fun stuff. While I am usually one to raise my hand if karaoke is involved, I typically shy away from strutting down the runway type opportunities. But for some reason that day, I was feeling a bit bold and threw my hat into the ring. The next thing I knew, the ladies were asking me for my dress size, shoe size and my favorite designers (I’m pretty simple — Ann Taylor or White House Black Market). And so, a few weeks later, I arrived to find that Audrey had picked out the perfect dress for me…a black and grey leopard print dress from Ann Taylor that was form fitting but stretchy in all the right places. Thanks to my wonderful friend Dawn Sandomeno for sharing this photo of me in front of the iVillage step and repeat — I felt like a red carpet star!
I had the best day re-connecting with my favorite blogging girlfriends and meeting a few writers who I’ve known virtually but never had the chance to meet in person. All in all, the day was fashionable, fabulous and so much fun. Take a look…

Thank you to Audrey, Vera and Nicole for being incredibly gracious hosts and the ultimate Role Mommies.