Ingredients for a Perfect Week: Broadway, Nemo & Glee

There are a few things in life that I love more than anything:

A fabulous Broadway musical.
Taking my kids to see a classic animated film that’s now in 3D
Curling up under my grandmother’s blanket to watch “Glee” with my kids

This past week, got to do all three things. Here’s how…
Annie The Musical.png1. Loving a fabulous Broadway musical….ANNIE ON BROADWAY
A few months ago my husband and I went to lunch with two of our good friends and they shared some amazing news with us — their friend is a producer on Broadway and as a result, they got the chance to invest in Annie — yes Annie the Musical. I was so excited for them because I grew up with that show and couldn’t wait to take my kids and see it when it debuted on Broadway.
They then told me more about their friend and how she and I would totally hit it off. They were so right. We met for lunch and I literally started singing showtunes to her as our salads arrived at our table. I loved her bubbly enthusiasm and when the topic switched to Annie, I shared how much I loved that show and wondered if there were any more investments left in the project.
I never imagined I would actually invest in a Broadway show, but I did share the news with my financially savvy husband who was a bit skeptical. The discussions continued for several weeks and then I finally made the decision to do it. You heard it here first… Role Mommy is officially an investor in Annie, the Musical on Broadway and I couldn’t be more excited.. Trust me, I’ll be sharing more, but am so thrilled that my passion for Broadway musicals has come full circle.
“Annie” opens in previews on Broadway on October 3 and tickets are already selling out fast. If you’re interested in seeing “Annie” with a group of 12 or more, click on this link and order your tickets now! Or, if you’d just like to buy tickets for your family, you can click on this link instead or call Ticketmaster at 877-250-2929.
FN3D-sub3(tentative).jpeg2. Taking my kids to see a classic animated film Right after I became a Broadway investor (crazy, I know), I grabbed my son’s hand, we walked down the street and hit the movies where we got to catch a sneak preview of “Finding Nemo in 3D.” When we arrived, we were given super cool 3D clown fish glasses and before we knew it, the movie started. While the 3D concept is pretty cool, what I loved more was remembering all the classic lines from the film. Test your knowledge — who said this?
1. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.
2. He’s looking for his son, Fabio.
3. So there was a clownfish, a mollusk and a…
4. We will call him Shark Bait
5. Swim through the ring of fire
6. Mine. Mine. Mine.
7. My name is Bruce. I haven’t eaten a fish in three weeks.
And the list goes on an on. In fact, my son kept looking at me because I literally would say a line before it even appeared on screen. Sure, I saw “Finding Nemo” at least two dozen times, but it is by far, one of the best Pixar movies ever produced (aside from Toy Story and Monsters Inc. – which incidentally will be in theaters in time for the holiday season.
3. Curling up and watching “Glee” with my kids: Sure there are new kids in the school. And sure Rachel is in New York trying to hold her own. And sure, Kurt should not be a super senior. But it doesn’t matter. There is nothing that quite compares to a TV show that breaks into song every 5-7 minutes. I happen to really like Puckerman’s long lost relative Jake who threw a fit when he wasn’t able to finish his audition and then didn’t make the cut because of his anger issues. I also liked the new girl whose overweight mom is the lunch lady. Although she isn’t as dynamic as Rachel — it’s good to see another talented performer join the Gleek-sters. More importantly, I’m so glad my entire family has a show to watch that we all love (well maybe not exactly my husband, who typically naps during that hour), but there are three “Glee fans” in our house who are pretty happy the show is finally back for more.
So there you have it — a great week all around. Here’s to more exciting news ahead — but for now, I better get ready for my son and husband’s favorite past time…youth baseball. Better hit the road before my son throws out the first pitch.