Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum

photo-7.JPG Once in a while something comes along that makes me think, “this is brilliant, why didn’t I come up with that?” Artkive is one of those things. If you have or had small kids, you know those moments when you hold your child’s “beautiful” art work in your hand and say to yourself… do I keep this or do I throw it away?
If you’re like me, you will stand holding the fabulous finger painting for a good ten minutes, tortured over what to do. Should you add it to the piles and piles of papers in the basement which you swear one day you will organize, or throw it out? If you choose the latter, the chances of your child, the artist, seeing their masterpiece crumpled up with last night’s dinner is pretty high. They will throw a fit, you will feel very guilty and lie in bed worrying that you have scarred them for life.
Here is where Artkive comes in and saves the day. Step one- download the Artkive app (right now it’s FREE, so hurry up!!) Step two- use Artkive to take, tag, and store an image of their work in just seconds. Step 3- at the end of the year, turn your child’s Artkive into a book or other great gifts and keepsakes. I know, it’s genius.
This amazing picture above that my 5 year old son painted this summer is my first Artkive, now I can throw it away, guilt free. I can’t wait to keep going as he starts kindergarten and turn all of his artwork into a book at the end of the year. My kids will thank me one day when they can look back at all the Artkive books and see their artwork through the years, condensed and organized.
To find out more, go to http://www.artkiveapp.com/. Take a look at this funny video and see why it’s so important to save your kid’s art.