The Most Hilarious Sleepaway Camp Video Ever

Screen shot 2012-07-15 at 5.32.52 PM.pngThanks to my friend Lauren, I was turned onto the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time about sleep-away camp. The video, from the site, Xtranormal, features two animatronic characters talking about what goes on in camp these days.
While one mom compares sleepaway camp to “prison,” the mom who has sent her child away for 7 weeks says her kid loves it even though she only gets to speak with her four times, communication is one way via email and she spends most her time scanning the camp website to find a her child’s picture.
As someone who can totally relate, take a look and get ready to burst out laughing. All I can say is…REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH…

Incidentally, if you’d like to make your own Xtranormal video, all you need to do is visit the site, write a script, pick your characters and you too can become an instant animator – it’s a super cool site and if you’re good at writing lines that crack people up, it could become addictive.

The One Beach Read That Promises to Give You Thinner Thighs…

fulton_SixWeeksToOMG_HC (2).JPGAs many of our readers know, I am obsessed with weight loss and this year, I’ve thankfully been on the losing side for a change. But no matter how much weight I shed, I happen to have an obsession about my thick thighs and large calves. That’s why when I received a copy of Six Weeks to OMG and was let in on a secret to getting thinner legs without going under the knife…I was totally intrigued.
Originally self published in London, Venice Fulton’s Six Weeks to OMG has been all the rage among Brits and celebrities and it’s about to make its U.S. debut this week thanks to Hachette Publishing. The book is an incredibly quick and easy read that literally tells you to forget about all the things you learned about dieting and try this new plan on for size. Some of the tips include:
* Skipping breakfast can be healthy
* Certain fruits instantly block weight loss
* Small, frequent meals can pack on the pounds
* Exercise is about much more than how much and how hard
* Broccoli carbs can be worse than soda carbs
* Juices and smoothies cause overeating
* Submerge yourself in a cold bath every day and your thighs could get thinner!
Venice – you had me at thinner thighs…
Curious to learn more about this new book that promises to help you get the body you’ve always dreamed of? Well take a look at the Q&A we have with Venice Fulton and then check out the Six Weeks to OMG Facebook page where you can download an excerpt.
Question: Venice, I want to get skinny but do I have to do everything in the book?
Venice: No, because even if you use one thing, you’ll still outrun the couch potatoes!
Before I wrote Six Weeks To OMG, everyone told me how bad they felt after giving up diets that they couldn’t stick to. The authors of those books claim that sticking to everything is crucial. These scare tactics don’t work in the real world because humans have such varied lifestyles.

Also, it’s kind of obvious that not everyone needs the same amount of help. So, I designed something that would work brilliantly as a standard plan, and would still have lots to offer those who could only apply a few techniques. This also means that at different times of the year, you’re in control of how hard you work.
Question: Venice, how can skipping breakfast be good if NO ONE else recommends it?
Venice: I’d ask why their non-skipping advice clearly isn’t working!
Breakfast is a huge business opportunity, and the advice to eat it, starts at the corporate level. Of course, there’s no denying that we all feel hungry when we wake up. Your brain and other organs have been working hard throughout the night, and they want some payback for all their hard work.
And that’s exactly why you must not give in to them! Morning gives you a once-in-a-day chance to force the body to use fat as a fuel. The moment breakfast passes your lips, it sees no reason to use stored fat. With Six Weeks To OMG you will still break (your) fast, just a little later than normal.
Question: Venice, isn’t this just another paleo type diet?
Venice: Six Weeks To OMG makes paleo diets extinct!
The paleo principles are limited to talking about diet alone. To look fantastic, your body can’t just rely on advice about food. Cavemen and women had very different physical lifestyles to us, and a different mental outlook. On top of this, no researcher was alive back then, so there’s a hunk of guesswork going on!
The best strategy is to learn from what we do know about our ancestors, and combine it with stuff they definitely didn’t have access to. Like the 21 million journals stored in the National Institutes of Health! Using a modern mix of diet, biochemistry, and psychology is definitely the way to an ultimate body.
Question: Venice, will this diet work for all age group and no matter how much or how little you have to lose?

Venice: Six Weeks To OMG is for anyone who needs help.  Bad habits are now spreading across all age groups and even countries, so it’s smart to protect yourself with the best knowledge, whoever you are!  The decision to change your life is a personal decision, or one that you can share with your doctor.
The techniques in the book aren’t for any particular age group, they’re just techniques that work, period.  It’s also worth pointing out that just because you’ve seen a few more summers, it doesn’t mean your body is resistant to change.  With a fresh approach, all previous behaviors can be wiped out.
Question: Venice, do you know for certain much can weight I really lose?
Venice: If you pick up Six Weeks To OMG you’ll certainly lose more fat than if you didn’t!
Seriously, I can’t give exact figures as that assumes I know how much you’ll apply the book. Plus, there are so many factors that affect success. I will say that based on experience, losing up to 20 pounds of fat is possible for most people, assuming they’ve got that much to lose.
Some lose more, some lose less, but everyone will lose fat, and that’s progress in the right direction. The more important question is, ‘will the fat stay away?’. And the answer is YES! The book will make you an expert, instead of an expert just telling you what to do, without you really knowing why.
So what are you waiting for? There’s still time left to slim down for the beach! Order a copy of Six Weeks to OMG today and find out the secrets to getting skinny once and for all!

The Mojo Coach to the Rescue!

Overfed and Undernourished
By Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC The Mojo Coach®
With 24/7 access to nutritionally depleted, technologically created, chemically treated “food,” many of us are taking in thousands of calories that do little to sustain us, let alone nourish us and encourage us to thrive. With so many of us existing this way today, is it any wonder why we struggle with our weight and health?
It’s so easy to grab prepackaged, convenient vending machine, drive thru or shelf food but what price are you really paying for all that “convenience?” Larger sized clothing, higher medical bills and a decreased quality of life are just a few. Why? Our bodies are designed to eat fresh, natural, whole foods that supply us with an endless array of vitamins, minerals, fiber and incredible nutrients. Denying yourself of what truly healthy food provides robs you of your health, youth and vitality.
Here’s what also happens when you eat this way. Foods that don’t nourish you also don’t truly satisfy you. So, we overeat in a search to find that satisfaction that those unhealthy food choices simply can’t provide. Of course all of this overeating causes weight gain and when our weight starts to impact us enough, we may severely restrict ourselves believing that deprivation and discomfort is the only way to achieve lasting health and wellness.
When we simply can’t endure the deprivation any longer, we go right back to eating the way we were eating, only to feel we have somehow failed because of a lack of willpower or compliance. These emotions often encourage self-­‐soothing behaviors and, if we typically use food as our drug of choice, we’re looking at an ongoing cycle of mental, physical and emotional upset that could largely be avoided by changing the choices we make and the way we look at food.
Not only does this pattern chip away at our confidence and self-­‐esteem, it keeps us on a
rollercoaster ride of blood sugar, mood and weight fluctuations. It lays the groundwork for insulin resistance (a pre-­‐curser to diabetes) and other chronic illnesses while keeping us frustrated, discouraged and exhausted. It impacts our digestive health, our adrenal glands, fertility, our skin, hair, immune system, sleep, our ability to heal and so much more.
Now, before you get frustrated with yourself and think that your current eating behavior is simply the result of laziness or bad habits, give yourself a break. For many, this eating pattern causes intense cravings, so your desire for these high sugar, empty food feels almost drug like. The sense of temporary numbing and calm you feel after overloading yourself with these foods floods your body with hormones and chemicals, which offer temporary relief-­‐similar to a drug like state. Unfortunately, eating this way only further depletes and desensitizes your body; making it more and more difficult to achieve a healthy hormonal balance, taste sensitivity and sense of freedom as well as preventing your body from achieving a natural, healthy weight.
Can this be changed so you feel a sense of peace and calm around food? Can food be used to nourish your body and mind without fear? Can you change eating behaviors that have left you overweight, undernourished and frustrated for years, even decades? Of course! It starts with awareness and then a plan.
Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC The Mojo Coach®, founder of is a leading health, fitness, wellness, lifestyle, self-­‐improvement expert and THE secret behind some of the healthiest, most dynamic, energetic and successful people today. Sign up for your “10 FREE Strategies to Get You Lean, Sleek and Sculpted”! (These are complete programs and videos) and take the FREE “Mojo Lifestyle Assessment” to see how you score.