FamilyiTrips App to the Rescue!

Thumbnail image for image.png Summertime is the best, I love it. One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to travel with my family. Recently we had a trip planned to Maine and my husband thought it would be fun to make a stop in Boston on the way for a couple of days. Since we are coming from NY, Boston seemed like the perfect place to break up the road trip, not to mention a great city to explore. Now that my kids are 8 1/2 and 5 1/2, it is easier to travel… no bottles, no strollers, no diapers etc. The only problem? We knew nothing about sightseeing in Boston!
Here is where the FamilyiTrips Boston App saved the day! Created by award-winning travel journalists, this user-friendly app makes planning easy by pinpointing exhibits and experiences best for young kids, grade schoolers and teens, by showcasing little-known gems, and by allowing you to create a personalized itinerary that matches your family’s needs. Locals and travelers also use the detailed plan-ahead information so as not to miss out on what they want to see and do.
I loved being able to do research and make plans ahead of time, but also felt relaxed about switching things around while we were there, since I had all the information I needed right at my fingertips. Everything is broken down by age range so we could find appropriate activities for my kids. The trip was amazing, from the museums to the tips on walking the freedom trail with young kids, to the places to eat, it could not have worked out any better.
The Washington DC and Boston FamilyiTrips app were on the iTunes Hot List for Travel apps! More cities are being added soon. Fun facts and illustrations add to the enjoyment, and my kids love using the app too! The apps are compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Purchase for $2.99-$4.99 through or from the iTunes store. Updates are always FREE.