Two Weeks to No Kids

Kids House - 155/365

Kids House – 155/365 (Photo credit: morberg)

I can’t believe it but in two more weeks, my husband and I are going to be childless.  Yes, we are part of the population on the east coast who send their kids to sleepaway camp.  I never in a million years expected my son…who I fondly call “The Boomerang” would actually want to go away to camp but surprisingly, he is ready, willing and eager to hit the road.

This weekend, while we were shopping for stationery and were cashing in on a gift certificate he had received for his birthday, I spotted a fan and asked if he’d like one for his bunk.  To which he replied, “Oh no Mommy, they have air conditioning there.”  Sorry buddy, but life as you know it is about to change.  No AC, no thermostatic shower – which means you have to figure out how to get warm water out of a faucet by yourself; nobody changing your bed sheets and no one hounding you to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

It’s definitely going to be tough for my husband and I to adjust to not having our kids around the house.  I mean, we haven’t been alone together for an extended period of time in years.  We can now go to movies and dinners during the week.  We can see Broadway shows.  We can go dancing and bar hopping.  We can play tennis.  And do other things that I will not share on this blog because my mom reads it.  But you get my drift.  In fact, a friend of mine once said that once her kids leave, she’s got to strap on her running shoes because her hubby is constantly chasing her around the house.

I don’t know how we are going to cope but what I do hope is that we take the time to re-connect without the kids.  It’s time to date again and discover why we fell in love in the first place.  Am I up for the challenge?  Absolutely.  Here’s hoping my son enjoys his time away from us and we enjoy the time we have to reflect on how much we truly love and miss our kids.  Time to hop off and sew in some more labels.  

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