6a0133f2d25ed7970b01676644070d970b-300wi.jpegSo there he is, Dr. Aaron Tabor, the creator of the Inside Out Beauty Program. He looks pretty good, right? That helps, because you don’t want the inventor of your anti-wrinkle cream to look like a Shar-pei dog. Can I get a Holla on that?
Dr. Aaron Tabor in his own (or his publicist’s) words: A graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Tabor has devoted his career to researching and developing scientific and medically-based anti-aging solutions. His ground-breaking natural skin care therapies and weight control products help women achieve total health, wellness and beauty from the inside out.
Very promising and well-worded, but it doesn’t really give you a feel for this man’s passion and depth of knowledge (did you know that there are 1200 chemicals banned for use in cosmetics in Europe as opposed to our 10? How scary is that?) Sitting with Dr. Tabor and discussing the dilemmas/delights of the aging process gives you a sense that a man has finally figured out what women go through. Remarkable. Perhaps it’s because, as Dr. Tabor says, he went into his line of work to “help my mother manage midlife.” A man who loves his mother and knows how to use kiwi seed extract to combat undereye circles? Love.
Dr. Tabor’s approach is “inside out beauty”; a 50/50 split between internal supplements and external creams and serums. I loved this immediately, because, my passion for Twizzler Pull’n’Peels aside, I’m all about healthy food and the notion that what goes inside shows up on the outside.
So I’ve been a test tube monkey, faithfully taking my supplements and slathering my creams for a week and a half now, and the sixty-four thousand dollar question (an idiom, not the price of Dr. Tabor’s products) is: do they work? Well, as with anything, time will tell. But I will say that I’ve seen a difference in my skin. For real. Am I imagining it because I want so much for it to work? I don’t think so. Within a week, I saw change, small, but still promising. So I’ll check back in when I’ve used the products for a month and let you know.
If you want to check out Dr. Tabor’s goodies, go here, the newly re-launched site Healthy Directions. A leading health publisher and provider of proprietary, doctor-formulated nutritional supplements, skincare and weight-loss products, the site has has redesigned to provide consumers with targeted, doctor-guided information on common health conditions.
Disclosure: I was given Dr. Tabor’s products to test. I was not compensated for this article. All opinions are my own. Including the opinion that a man who loves his mother and wants to help her age well is a good egg.
Shari Cabelin is the founder of Dusty Earth Mother and New Jersey editor for Mommy Poppins.