5 Reasons to Visit Jamaica This Summer

SANY0374.jpegAs we head into summer, there’s one thing I always look forward to – VACATION!  It’s been almost a year since we’ve gone away as a family and typically, we take several road trips along the northeast.  This year, we’re mixing it up and throwing a bit of the caribbean into our vacation plans.  You see, last August, we were invited to check out Jake’s Hotel & Resort in Treasure Beach Jamaica and to say my family fell in love was an understatement.

So why are we going back to Jake’s this year?  Here are five reasons why we can’t get enough of southern Jamaica:

1.  We love the incredibly kind staff, the tropical cottage accommodations and the amazing ocean views.  

2.  Getting the opportunity to venture out to sea with Dennis, an expert boat captain who knows every nook and cranny of Treasure Beach.  Stick with Dennis and you’ll spot wild dolphins, explore a new fishing reserve, jump off a pier near Black Safari Jungle, spot crocodiles and sample local fare at the world famous Little Ochi.

3.  Participate in one of a kind sports camps with professional coaches from the United States.  This July, Jakes is offering its first ever sports camp for kids.  If your child is a soccer lover, then this could prove to be the ultimate camp experience for them.

4.  Dining under the stars with Jake’s Farm to Table dinner.  Every month under the full moon, Jakes invites guests to dine with the farmers of Treasure Beach who share some of the island’s most incredible fruits, vegetables and local dishes.  Favorite fruit we discovered in Jamaica:  Sweet Sop which tastes just like vanilla custard…YUM!

5.  Swinging from vines at YS Falls.  Another incredible experience complete with an amazing driver and tour guide, Darren, a picnic basket for four, spectacular waterfalls, swimming pools and a zip line that’s frightening and exhilarating all at the same time.

So if you’ve never been to the caribbean in the summer with your family, check out Jake’s – it’s become our kids’ favorite vacation spot and something tells me we’ll be going back for many more years to come. 
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