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Hope to Tweet you there! And if you missed one of our recent tweet ups, here’s Sharon Osbourne’s take on Miley Cyrus and her recent engagement:

Women Who Inspire Me

Thanks to Mary Lou Quinlan, author of the soon to be best seller, “The God Box,” (you heard it here first folks!) I had the opportunity to attend the Matrix Awards in New York City. If you’ve never heard of the Matrix Awards, it is one of the most inspiring awards ceremonies a woman can ever attend in her life. The room is filled with hard working individuals who have not only broken through the glass ceiling but managed to do what they love while raising families, combatting stereotypes and forging ahead while being leaders, visionaries and team players who have earned the utmost respect and admiration from their peers and colleagues.
2012+Matrix+Awards+Luncheon+5YaTQk7SHypl.jpegThe Matrix Awards is a ceremony for women who pursue careers in communications – from journalists, to publicists, to broadcasters and actresses, it’s the Emmy’s mixed with the Pulitzers – it’s glamourous and smart – just the way I like it!
What I absolutely love most about this luncheon are the incredible speeches that are given by both the presenters and the attendees. Some of the esteemed presenters included Barbara Walters, Lesley Stahl, Meredith Vieira, Katie Couric and Rocco Dispirito. To me, the most impressive presenter was not a celebrity but Deputy Chief Theresa J. Shortell – one of two Deputy Chiefs in the entire New York police department who introduced Matrix winner Glenn Close. There wasn’t star power in the room yesterday but women power. Women who were capable of taking over the world!
Just take a look at some of these inspirational quotes that I captured from the day:
Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 7.11.17 AM.png
What was so amazing for me was listening to Matrix Award winner Peggy Noonan. Noonan is one of the most prolific speechwriters of our time – crafting some of President Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush’s most memorable phrases in history. Watching Peggy Noonan on that stage took me back to the speechwriting class I had taken in college and the required reading was Noonan’s book, What I Saw At the Revolution – which I read in 1990. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to write, pursue a masters degree in journalism and become a storyteller. Every career experience I have had in my life has made me what I am today. I’m still growing and have a lot more things I’d like to accomplish but seeing all those women gathered together yesterday made me realize that when we work together, we can achieve the unthinkable.
Some more incredible quotes from the day:
Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 7.11.03 AM.png
Have you ever been inspired by another woman? What piece of advice did she share that you truly took to heart.