Written by Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum
1333384353972.jpg Last week I attended the NY Auto Show at the Jacob Javits center. I have never been to the auto show and honestly, I’m not really a “car person”. But let me tell you, it was very cool. I was invited by General Motors to get a sneak peek at their family friendly cars. I saw a great variety of Chevrolets, Buicks, GMCs and Cadillacs.
First we met with Senior VP of Global Product Development, Mary Barra, who spoke to us about key family vehicles and all the amazing new features. Many of the cars have voice activated service… for navigation, music and phone calls. Its much safer to keep both hands on the wheel! For example, the newly designed Impala, a great iconic, midsize sedan. We were able to see the 2014 Impala, it was beautiful! Amazing colors, safety features and incredible technology. impala.JPG
The folks from OnStar were also on hand to tell us about a new a la carte service they will be offering called Family Link. This is perfect for people with teenage kids or elderly parents. You can see where the vehicle is and receive a text message when the car arrives at it’s destination. This can provide major piece of mind.
We met General Motors Senior Staff Engineer Scott Thomas, who created the Front Center Airbag display that is featured and comes standard, in the new 2013 Buick Enclave. He explained that 30% of deaths can occur from the two font passengers going into each other or across the car during a side impact crash. This Front Center Airbag, takes that danger out of the equation. The 2013 Enclave will go on sale in the fall. This was my favorite car (ok, the Cadillacs were pretty fab as well). I love the open middle in the second row, so the kids can walk right through to the third row. No need to jump over or stand on the seat. The third row did not take up too much of the trunk space which is a big plus.
Look at all this room… it’s like driving a minivan without having to drive a minivan!