Must See Movie: The Five Year Engagement!

FYE_RGB1SHT_1130_13-5X20_1.jpgThere’s nothing better than watching a romantic comedy that literally makes you laugh until you cry. And this spring, the film that will leave you in stitches is “The Five Year Engagement.” Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star as Tom and Violet, a newly engaged couple who leave their seemingly perfect life in San Francisco behind when Violet convinces Tom to give up his job as a sous chef so she can pursue a fellowship at the University of Michigan. When he’s forced to take a job at a trendy sandwich shop (there aren’t any chef jobs up for grabs in Michigan), Tom’s life begins to unravel as the pair continually get tripped up on the long walk down the aisle.  For anyone who lives for inappropriate comedy – guilty as charged – then “The Five Year Engagement” is definitely the must see wedding film of the season. The film opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, April 27.
Take a look…

I recently got the chance to meet two of the stars of the film, Emily Blunt and Alison Brie and they confided how they managed to keep it together despite the fact their co-stars oftentimes had them in hysterics.
From a cringeworthy scene where Violet gets shot in the leg with a crossbow, to several improv moments featuring Jason Segel and Chris Pratt that had them rolling on the floor, it’s hard to believe Emily and Alison held it together. So how did the they keep a straight face while filming alongside two of the funniest young actors on the planet?
Emily Blunt: We didn’t. Alison’s a pro. She works on “Community” and she’s surrounded by funny people all the time but I have no self control. But Alison out of the whole cast was the best at not breaking and I was by far the worst.
Alison Brie: But when I break it’s the worst because I start crying immediately and Emily would look over at me and would say “stop crying, you’re always crying.”
Guess which scene caused Alison and Emily to completely lose it…

At the beginning of the film, Suzie is a hopeless screw up who gets knocked up after a one night stand with Tom’s cheesy best friend (played by the hilarious Chris Pratt), while Violet seems to have the perfect life after Tom proposes to her on a rooftop and the pair have a picture perfect engagement party. But before you know it, Suzie and Violet’s roles switch completely. Here’s their take on both their characters:
Alison: The entire character changes during the course of the film. Suzie is a disaster but as her life progresses, she becomes more responsible by circumstance.
Emily: Tom and Violet keep getting it wrong and life keeps getting in the way of making things perfect. It’s interesting how the dynamic shifts between them.
2411_D015_00249R.JPGWhile Tom’s life falls apart after he moves to Michigan and loses himself in tacky sweaters and deer hunting, Violet has finally found a career she loves which inevitably drives a wedge in their relationship. When asked what she thinks can keep a couple together, Emily shared this candid response:
Emily: Life is complicated and it’s shape shifting all the time and you have to be able to roll with the punches. Something that I found hard to learn as a British person was communication. It’s a word that we all are terrified of in England. I think if you’re in a relationship, you have to talk to each other and you have to be forever generous and I think the best relationships that I’ve seen of my friends and hopefully that I’m in is that you don’t clip each other’s wings. You have to really empower the other one to be everything they can be.
If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, then I have the solution – take your partner or your best girlfriends to see “The Five Year Engagement” – it’s from the producers of “Bridesmaids” and trust me when I tell you it’s the funniest comedy of the season! To find out more about the film visit the official Five Year Engagement website and visit Tom and Violet’s hilarious wedding blog.