By Josh Selig
image003.png THE OLIVE BRANCH: RED & YELLOW’S NOISY NIGHT is a delightfully charming bedtime story book that teaches children about conflict resolution and mutual respect. Written by Josh Selig (founder of Little Airplane Productions and creator of The Wonder Pets) RED & YELLOW’S NOISY NIGHT shows children just how easy–and fun!–it can be to get along with others.
I put the book to the real test… reading it to my children. My 8 year old daughter loved the illustrations and thought that it had a wonderful message. The book is aimed more towards ages 4 to 7, perfect for my 5 year old son. He loved it and tried to sound out the words and read to me, which I love.
This adorable book is based on an animated TV series that currently airs on over 100 channels around the world. With simple text and humorous illustrations, RED & YELLOW’S NOISY NIGHT provides the perfect peace-keeping message for children and the adults who love them.
Here is some wonderful praise for “THE OLIVE BRANCH”:
“What I admire about The Olive Branch is [it] demonstrates that our conflicts can be resolved with joy, humor, and true compassion…” –Deepak Chopra
” [The Olive Branch] reflects many of the goals we seek to achieve…” –Karen Cirillo, UNICEF
This book would make a great gift our buy it for your own little munchkin.
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