Building a Career at Avon

image003-1.jpegIn our latest series devoted to the sales force of Avon, we met Maria Sutej, Regional Vice President in Sales at Avon Products, Inc.
Maria leads a team of professionals who she helps achieve annual sales goals and provides stewardship in the implementation of global business strategies.
Maria began her career in 1983 joining Avon as a District Sales Manager. She quickly ascended through the sales ranks holding positions as Field Trainer, Division Sales Manager, and Field Business Unit Leader. During her assignment as Division Sales Manager in Tennessee, she made Avon history by ranking in the top 10 percent in sales growth for eight consecutive years. In 1996, Maria was promoted to Region Vice President.
In recognition of her leadership and community involvement, Maria was once named one of Georgia’s 100 Most Powerful and Influential Women.
Maria defines her career as a direct result of successfully building relationships of mutual respect and high expectations. “It is a privilege to help others by offering opportunities to people who want to expand their options and improve the quality of their lives. Avon makes it possible for me and thousands of other men and women to do just that every day,” she says.
During our interview, Maria shared stories of the countless women she’s encountered who have managed to turn their passion into lifelong careers at Avon. Some spent 10-15 years in corporate America and after being laid off, decided to make a career change and become an Avon representative. Others, were new mothers who wanted to make additional income while raising their family. “Avon offers very little investment to contribute to a full or part time committment – it’s great for both part time or full time work,” she says.
While the success rate among Avon reps vary, Maria says that the ones who are most successful approach Avon as a business from the very beginning. She advises, that the key to great sales is to “start out not only with people you know but start with people you don’t know but at the places you go. Think about developing contacts with new people and that will help you build a broad customer base.”
Maria also praises sales reps who have managed to utilize social media to help increase sales. Additionally, Avon offers even more tools for their sales force to succeed, “We have pretty great internet marketing tools, ecards, promotions to make it easier for them,” she says.
And the most amazing thing about Avon is that all it takes is a $10 investment for you to start your business selling everything from cosmetics, to skincare, fashion, jewelry and more.
To find out how you can become an Avon representative, visit Many thanks to Avon for giving us the chance to meet their incredibly inspiring team!
This compensated post was sponsored by Avon.