Role Mommy Interviews Betty White

Betty White Lorax in session artwork.jpgThis Friday, March 2nd, The Lorax FINALLY opens! Role Mommy sat down with Betty White to discuss her animated voice role as wise Grammy Norma, the importance of family meals around the dinner table and if anyone has ever been mad at her.
Question: You were so great as the grandma who wanted to just guide him (Ted) and help him and fall in love and change the world that they were living on.
Betty White: That’s what I love about it. And it’s such a pretty movie. It’s a beautiful thing to look at. I love it.
Question: This is such a strong empowering female role and just when the grandma seems sweet and unassuming, then she kicks it in to high gear. How did she make that happen?
Betty White: Oh, that’s the fun of it. And I love the way they wrote it because it doesn’t make fun of anybody. It’s not mean spirited.
Question: Why do you have such a connection to today’s teenagers?
Betty White: I think it’s honesty. I think they’re pretty honest at this point, and if you start talking down to them, they’ll turn you off in a minute.
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Question: You have the most brilliant comic timing, we were wondering if you’ve always been funny. Were you funny as a child?
Betty White: Oh, bless your heart. I was an only child with the best mother. I did a magnificent job of choosing a mother and father. And there wasn’t a straight man in the house. I mean that in a nice way.But, we would have Sunday morning breakfast together or we’d have dinner together every night around the table, and my dad would always ask me how things were at school and somehow, we’d get into silliness and fun. And we also would talk very seriously. It wasn’t all giggle time.But, I think those dinner tables and those breakfast tables went a long way on teaching me how to appreciate the positives as opposed to the negatives.
Question: Was it hard working alone in a studio reading your voiceover lines?
Betty White: Well, you feel kind of silly because they ask you to make all these weird noises and you don’t know what they mean by, well, it’s a gasp, but you’re doing this. So, you’re sitting there by yourself and you finally feel rather ridiculous. But, somehow, pretty soon, you get into it, and then you get into the beautiful visual thing that it is as well as the Dr. Seuss loveliness. And so, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.
Question: What was your favorite part of the movie?
Betty White: Overall, the beautiful colors and the celebrating the environment and the caring about the environment, which is one of my big, big, big things, and the fact of looking for trees and wanting to find trees. Dr. Seuss has a way of doing, you could get into it. I hope everybody else loves it as much as those of us involved in it…And the animation side of it, you don’t put on eyelashes. You read your lines. I think another word for it is stealing.
Question: Tell us about your involvement in the Moms Clean Air Force.
Betty White: What I love is that we pass along that message to your offspring because they’re going to be the ones passing that message on forward. And so, I think the more we can encourage, not preach, encourage appreciation of clean air and clean water and the things that, sadly, we’re abusing this beautiful planet we live on as hard as we can. We have to try to get an appreciation going to stop some of that would be marvelous.
Question: You are such a vibrant spunky person in real life, on TV and film that we wanted to know if you had any secrets or tips for women and men of how to make the most of everything that you do and continue radiating and being so spunky?
Betty White: Well, if you don’t appreciate something as it’s happening, if you look back and say, oh, gee, that was a great time, I didn’t realize it at the time, you’ve missed it. So, everything isn’t sweetness and light. You get some bad times, too. But, by appreciating and celebrating the good stuff, you can handle the bad stuff better. And sometimes, you wonder how did you get this lucky, you’re going to owe it down the line somewhere along the line, but enjoy it now while it’s happening.
Question: You are so funny and quick witted, we were wondering if you got to improv any of your lines in The Lorax.
Betty White: No, just the lines. They sent it overseas to get the animation done. It’s incredible how complicated an animated show is and how expensive that animation is. So I would follow their instructions to the letter, yes. But, it’s interesting. I can’t wait to see the movie.
Question: Have you ever made anybody mad in your life or do you always have a diplomatic way about you?
Betty White: I have two ex-husbands.
Since we haven’t seen any tell all books, Betty must have done something right! Don’t forget to see (and hear) Grammy Norma in The Lorax this Friday, March 2nd in theaters!