Too Cool for School

mail-1.jpeg If you live in the tri-state area or know anybody who does, you must read about this great idea! A one-stop shop for any class (kids and adults) in New York City! No more researching for hours, who has time for that? Now you can visit CourseHorse and put in any type of class you are interested in, and your class choices, schedules and prices appear right before your eyes, like magic! There are currently more than 6,000 classes being offered, with the number growing daily. The average price of classes on the site is $20 per hour, making education truly affordable for anyone interested. Users can search by time, date, price, age, subject and neighborhood. Classes range from Bikram Yoga to French lessons to Still Life Painting to Negotiation Skills to Cake Decorating.
Role Mommy had the opportunity to ask Nihal Parthasarathi, founder of CourseHorse, a few questions…
RM: How did you come up with the idea for CourseHorse?
NP: The idea for CourseHorse actually came out of several failed attempts to cook a decent meal. Back in early 2010, the two of us made the resolution to stop eating out as much. However, several terrible meals later we realized that we needed to take a cooking class to get down the basics. That’s when we realized how hard it was to find a great cooking class that fit both of our schedules and price ranges. After talking to several dozen class providers and surveying hundreds of New Yorkers, we were ready to quit our jobs and create CourseHorse!
RM: Are there plans to expand to other cities?
NP: Absolutely! The plans to expand are already in the works, as we’ve had people all over the country (and the world) asking us to launch in their city next! We’re keeping the next city a surprise, but stay tuned!
RM: What is the most unique kids class you have on your site?
NP: Great question! The most popular kids classes on our site this year have been:
Stunt Trampoline for Kids
Sushi Challenge
Kids Hip Hop
Now, just for our fabulous readers, they are offering 10% off any class available on CourseHorse! All you need to do is enter the code, “rolemommy” at check out. This would also make a great gift! Let us know what class you sign up for!

Parenting Handbook 101

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