In My Inbox: Is it a Cold or Flu?

imgres-3.jpegTis the season to catch an illness! Good thing we’ve got THE DOCTORS to give us the inside track on how to figure out if you’ve come down with a cold or the flu. On Tuesday, January 24, 2012 THE DOCTORS’ tackle their Cold & Flu Survival Guide.
Up to 20% of Americans will experience a cold or flu this winter season, so THE DOCTORS shows viewers how to avoid these common viruses, how to identify surprising household items that spread germs, and how to boost the immune system. Take a look at what they’re sharing:
· Is it a cold or flu? – THE DOCTORS relays the telltale signs of the cold virus vs. the flu virus, which can help in determining the best way to treat symptoms:
o Cold Symptoms (typical effects are experienced from the neck up):
Sore Throat
Stuffy Nose
o Flu Symptoms:
High Fever
Aches / Pains
Extreme Exhaustion
Dry Cough
· Dr. Lisa’s Germ-Free Make-Up Tips:
o Throw out plastic containers
When it comes to lipstick, metal containers keep air and potential bad germs out better than plastic.
o Scrape, Scoop, and Sharpen
Scrape off the top layer of powder foundations, scoop out first layer for liquid cover up and sharpen eyeliner before each use to limit the chance of picking up surface germs when applying make-up.
o Freeze Your Make-up Bag
Every three weeks, de-germ your bag by placing it in the freezer for a few hours to kill bacteria and viruses.
· Stuffy Nose? What are the best ways to unclog the schnoze?
The Neti Pot – Dr. Ordon shows how to properly use the Neti Pot, which thins out mucus and helps to open nasal passages.
Wasabi – Eating just a little of the popular sushi condiment will help to shrink mucus membranes and open up the sinuses.
Catnip! – Drinking herbal tea made from the catnip plant can act as a decongestant and clear your breathing passages.