My 2012 Bucket List Challenge

imgres-4.jpegHappy New Year Role Mommies! Now that’s it’s 2012 I hereby declare this a year of getting things done. And that means, no matter how busy I am, I will not neglect this blog or you dear readers. So in order to stay true to you and me, I vow to post at least once a day on our site. Your daily dose of Role Mommy will come in many forms – essays, photos, videos and podcasts.
So what’s on tap for today? Simple. Here’s my 2012 bucket list filled with my plans, hopes and dreams for the year ahead. I’ll be blogging about each of my bucket list items throughout the year so let’s see if I reach my goals and if you have some bucket list ideas of your own, feel free to share!
1. LOSE 15 POUNDS – I can’t say this enough times but this is the year that I slim down and fit into the rest of my wardrobe.
2. GET BACK TO SINGING – I don’t know about you, but I am happiest when I’m performing. So in 2012, I plan to do more of it – even if it’s challenging my kids on XBox to “Glee” and “Michael Jackson: The Experience.” Seriously, though – here’s to a more musical year for me.
3. TAKE DANCE LESSONS OR DO MY DANCE CLASSES AT MY GYM – I’ve been watching all those stars trim down on “Dancing with the Stars” and I am ready to do the same!
4. READ 12 GREAT BOOKS – One book a month – it’s not that tough but it’s going to be done and guess what Role Mommies…you are invited to join me! We’ll be announcing our first book this week so get ready to read, discuss and be inspired.
5. GET PUBLISHED IN A TRADITIONAL WOMEN’S MAGAZINE – I say this every year, but this time, I really mean it. While I hate rejection, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and finally land a story! Hey, you never know…one day it could turn into a column – dare to dream!
6. TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL – My kids are at an age where they can truly appreciate the world around them. Here’s to some great vacations in the year ahead that we can enjoy as a family and remember for life.
7. CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE – We’ve got my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in 2012 so I’ll be busy planning all the festivities. January is the month for invitations and flowers so I’ll be back soon with a post about fabulous invites for tweens.
8. TAKE CARE OF MY HEALTH – I’ve already made all my doctor and dentist appointments for the year. I have to put my health first in order to make sure I am always there for my family.
9. SEE MY GIRLFRIENDS MORE – I am so ready for a few girls’ night outs with my good friends. Sometimes, you have to take a break from your busy life in order to re-connect with the people who have been there for you in good times and bad.
10. SUPPORT OTHERS DREAMS WHILE ACHIEVING MY OWN – That’s a tall order but I always manage to take my eyes off the prize but this time around, I’m going to be laser focused on making sure I do my best to help others while moving forward in my own life.
So there you have it. Do you have a bucket list for 2012? Let us know some of your hopes and dreams – you never know…we may be able to help you achieve them!