Tales from Successful Avon Ladies

Tina.jpgIn our ongoing series dedicated to Avon representatives, we got the chance to meet Tina Upton, a stay-at-home mother of three who joined Avon in January of 2009 as a means to make extra money to supplement her family income. Her husband works very long hours and his salary alone was just not enough to cover all of the family expenses during these tough economic times.
Tina knew that she was going to have find a job, but she wasn’t looking to work a standard 9-5 and Avon was the perfect solution. She works during the hours that are most convenient for her and even uses social media to sell to customers. She changes her Facebook status on a daily basis to offer new deals and engage potential customers to buy quality product at an affordable price.
RM: Why did you decide to become an Avon sales representative?
Tina: I’m a stay at home mom and had a career before I decided to raise a family. My mom was an Avon lady from the time I was little and worked full time and always did Avon on the side. When I was looking for something for myself, I decided Avon was the right thing for me.
RM: How easy is it to get started?
Tina: Avon costs 10 dollars. You get your kit and you make it what you want and that’s why it has been perfect for me. If you don’t sell a certain amount, you’re not charged for it. If you don’t make a quota – Avon doesn’t penalize you.
RM: How do attract customers?
Tina: I do a lot of my business on my website and my Facebook page. They can view my catalog. I don’t go door to door at all. I use the Internet to run my business. Avon has a lot of free shipping. It’s an affordable company, and doesn’t make people pay astronomical prices for items and they do a lot for philanthropy – that’s why I feel so good about representing them.
RM: How much do you earn?
Tina: I make anywhere from $50-$300 per month. Being an Avon representative affords me the opportunity to get the girls extra things, to put things away for Christmas and a lot I use for myself. It gives me a lot of freedom.
RM: Do you one day want to devote more time to Avon?
Tina: I’m always reading the Avon newsletter about going to seminars and I really want to go. The great thing about Avon is that I am my own boss. I have my own hours – no one is checking in on me. No one is nagging me about my sales. They are there to support me and that feels great.
RM: You said your mom was an Avon Representative, what do you remember most about that experience?
Tina: I remember my mom going door to door and having friends over and throwing parties. They’d all sit down around the table and try out products. She spent the money on us. Even though she’s retired, she revisits it from time to time and even picked it up again a few years ago. That’s the amazing thing about Avon – anytime you want to pick it up, you can. You’re your own boss and you make your own hours.
RM: Tell us about your mommy group and how you’ve included them in your business.
Tina: With my mommy group, they are so supportive of my business. I was afraid they were going to think that I was hounding them, but they were so supportive. I have lots of friends starting small businesses – I think it’s great that these circle of women are supporting each other with these businesses that are popping up. If they’re going to purchase something and they see me, they like to give me the business and it’s great.
RM: What do you love most about Avon’s products and deals?
Tina: When Avon has a sale – they have a sale! They have a lot of jewelry packages; bath and body products – I’m getting all of them for kids teachers and bus drivers. There are so many gifts under $10 and under $5 – jewelry surprisingly is such wonderful quality. They have sterling silver, cubic zirconia – you can get something for $200 or $5 jewelry at Avon. They also have a featured item – the Wii a few years ago; digital video camera – partner with Sharper Image. There’s a wide selection of price. Last year, four of my friends got the Sharper Image camera. Their holiday gifts are wonderful.
To do your last minute holiday shopping with Avon or to find out how you can become a representative, visit their site today.
*This compensated post was sponsored by Avon.