Secrets of a Successful Avon Lady

Veruska (1).jpgIn our ongoing series with Avon, we got to meet Veruska Puente, a mother of three, who started her Avon business because she wanted to become her own boss and create her own salary. Since then, she has established a successful Avon business selling over $100,000 last year. With her Avon Earnings she has been able to buy a BMW, Mercedes SUV, help purchase and furnish her home, and start to save for her kid’s college tuition and build her own savings.
RM: When did you first become an Avon representative?
Veruska: I got started 11 years ago when I had my first daughter. At the time, I was a stay at home mom and when I found out about the great opportunity of earning half of whatever you sell, that got me highly interested. At first, I started with my friends and family. I had no sales experience but right off the bat, Avon was so easy for me.
RM: What was your experience like with Avon when you first started out?
Veruska – I just went gung ho on it. With my first order, I started out just by showing the books around to friends and family and I made $400. They loved the book – it’s so attractive – it’s such a reputable company. I then started training, taking the course online. I took the beauty courses and by my second year, I was the #1 sales representative in the nation.
RM: How were you able to attract so many customers?
Veruska: Back then, I lived in Manhattan – I would carry books with me. If I would get a new customer in a building and the building would have between 20-30 apartments, I would visit the person. I would then work the whole building and leave the catalogs with a flyer on the door and they would call back. And then I would keep my Facebook customers because I would have a relationship with them. I then developed a friendship with them. Today, I call them and offer new products that we are promoting and my customers really like that.
RM: Do you have customers who shop online and order from you in person?
Veruska: We still have people that want to do both. You get so much out of that customer when you have that personal relationship. I also have customers that I have no contact with – they shop online – and I have a relationship with them in an online way. They take advantage of that – and that’s okay with them and that’s okay with me.
RM: What are your best selling items?
Veruska: My #1 seller is the skincare – it’s the most expensive item in the book. My customers come back every time they finish it. I love the Anew products. That’s what I focus on.
RM: You’ve been so successful that you even opened an Avon store. Tell us about that.
Veruska: I have a store in New York City that is certified by Avon so more people can come to me. I try to stock the best sellers and I try to have everything available from the warehouse that are the top picks in my store like fragrances, make-up and skin care.
That’s another opportunity that Avon has where I can have a store that is right in the city where I used to live. The area is saturated with people. I saw the opportunity and took advantage of it – I not only do sales but I also recruit there. I train sales representatives and then I show them what I know. That gives them an opportunity to use their products at cost – some people want extra money. Some want to do it full time and they make Avon a career.
RM: How were you able to get the store?
Veruska: It was through a series of approvals and certification. They give you permission for you to have the store – then you become the tradition representative. Avon provides you with the products and tools to start. Where can you start a business with $10? $10 and a dream. I don’t know any other company that offers 50% of what I bring in. That’s what it was for me and I’ve been a top seller ever since. Last year my whole unit, which is comprised of 400 sales representatives, grossed $1.3 million dollars.
RM: How do you keep and retain customers?
Veruska: When you have someone who knows your products – who knows it genuinely and knows what to sell. I know that if you’re not satisfied, you’re not going to come back. I’m interested in continuing with my customers, it’s not a one time deal. I do free consultations with my customers. I ask them a series of questions. Once we get into conversations, we know everything. I have a lot of customers that come to me for one thing and come out with 10 other things. Since the products are so amazing and they work, they are happy. Beauty is something that’s never going to go out of style – it’s boosts your self esteem. When you find that relationship with someone who is genuine and honest people like that and value that. And that won’t leave them for anything.
According to one of Veruska’s customers, Ramona, who has been a client for several years, she loves having a good friend who is also her Avon representative. She says, “I order via the Internet and in person which is great. Anytime I have a question, she helps me choose colors, foundation – things that will match. I prefer meeting with her in person. The cost is amazing and I’ve purchased a variety of things. I love the lip gloss set. It’s amazing. I’ve also bought the holiday bundle set, because I have children. It was a nice price. Also bought the white gold goldenberries lipstick and other people are asking for it!”
RM: Tell us why you love your career with Avon.
Veruska: Avon gave me the opportunity to start my own business with practically $10 and it really helped me to achieve my dreams and I’ve had so many things with Avon. My first car was a BMW, I bought my house, I’ve gone on trips – I don’t have to use credit cards because Avon. I met my husband through Avon at a formal dinner for top sellers. I’m so blessed with Avon it even gave me a husband at the time.
If you live in the tri-state area, you can visit Veruska at her Avon store in Washington Heights located at 4419 Broadway between 189th and 190th Street.
(212) 942-0299 cell: 917-299-5873
This compensated post was sponsored by Avon.

Biggest Loser Diet Plan Here I Come

Weight-Gain-Pills.jpegAfter a long decision making process, I have finally chosen my 2012 meal plan that I’m hoping will help me shed some those stubborn pounds from my 5 feet 1 inch frame. Drumroll please…I have selected the Biggest Loser Diet Plan! I’m already a big fan of the show and though I won’t have a trainer screaming in my hear to do a zillion crunches or pull a tractor trailer up a hill with a rope, I am determined to lose between 15 to 20 pounds – or as much as my 40+ body will let me.
I’m tired of not being able to fit into my favorite clothes and have gravitated to any sweater that covers my butt. It kind of reminds me of the Kirstie Alley syndrome. Every time she got bigger, she wore loose clothes that covered her posterior and while I’m not as big, I still feel ridiculously self conscious.
And so, beginning Tuesday, January 3, I will start the plan and get myself on the right track to losing in 2012. So here’s to slimming down in the New Year – nothing looks as good as thin feels.