New Nintendo 3DS game, Pushmo

pushmo cropped.jpg The Nintendo 3DS is in one word, awesome. It should definitely be on your kid’s gift list this holiday! Once you get one or if you have one… I am here to tell you about a fun new game you can download, Pushmo! My kids loved playing it, and so did I!
Pushmo lets players try to push, pull and climb their way to the top to solve more than 200 3D puzzles. Play as Mallo, the hero of the game, who is small in size but has a big heart and big muscles to match. Players will use him to move the giant blocks that make up the Pushmo puzzles. Solving the puzzles will free the kids who were accidently trapped inside them. There is also a Pushmo puzzle creator so players can make their own puzzles and share them with their friends.
It’s rewarding to get to the next level where the puzzles become a little more difficult and thought provoking each time. The characters are really cute and the music is happy. The 3D graphics are really cool! This game can be played by kids as young as five and adults will have a blast too.
The ESRB rating is for everyone. Enjoy adorable characters, charming 3D graphics and endless replay value. Available in the Nintendo eShop for $6.99. (For Nintendo 3DS™) Click here to visit the official site and find out more about this great new game!