Role Mommy Fave Five

imgres-1.jpegThe holiday season is upon us and we got the chance to attend a special event hosted by Cool Mom Tech and CNET, unveiling their favorite holiday picks of the season. What I gleaned from the conversation is crystal clear. The #1 gifts on everyone’s wish list can be found at the Apple store. Plus, I found a few other cool items when I ran into some of my favorite blogging moms:
1. The Apple iPhone 4S – the ladies at CMT and CNET say that the camera on the phone is amazing and they love Siri – which recognizes your voice and even gives you smart ass responses. Gotta love that one.
imgres-3.jpeg2. The MacBook Air – One of my favorite writers and friends, Ellen Seidman confided that she’s got that one on her birthday list and frankly, I am so jealous. I’ve been lugging my hundred pound bag to work and am convinced that by the time I reach retirement age, I’ll look like the hunchback of Notre Dame. For that alone, it looks like I’ll be investing in the 11 inch model. The question is, do I wait until January or bite the bullet now???
3. The Ipad 2 or 3 if you wait for January – there’s no way to slice it, the iPad is hands down an amazing gift to give or buy for yourself. My personal favorite app is the New York Post – it’s chock full of photos, gossip and it’s all the news I need to give me a chuckle and keep me semi informed during my busy day. I mean, as long as I’ve got my Page 6 (which actually has it’s own app), then I’m a happy camper.
candy-stripe-camera-strap-slipcover.jpeg4. Ruffled Camera Straps – When I arrived at the CNET event, I ran into one of my favorite blogging moms, Kim Coleman, whose latest blog FoodieCityMom is taking off. Kim was all decked out in a gorgeous dress with a matching camera strap (and camera) that was so trendy and cool, I had to find out where she got it. She told me the name of it, but I of course forgot, but have no fear, I found this cool site, Gussy Sews where you can get any shutterbug a really cool accessory.
5. A Tricked Out iPad Case – Want to dazzle someone who already has an iPad or an iPod? Then head to SkinIt where you can send in a photo and create a custom skin for their phone or e-reader.