Role Mommy Reviews: An Invisible Thread

invisible.jpgIf you’re an avid reader like me, then I’m sure you are always on the lookout for great books you can devour in just a few sittings. Well I am thrilled to share that there is one must read that was just released this week that everyone should go out and buy immediately. The book is called “An Invisible Thread” and it’s based on a real life encounter and friendship that develops between a successful sales executive and an 11 year old panhandler.
The story unfolds in the mid 1980’s when Laura Schroff, an advertising sales executive for USA Today is busy walking along the streets of midtown Manhattan when she stumbles upon Maurice, an adolescent panhandler who manages to steal her heart. What begins as a simple lunch at McDonalds, turns into a friendship that has now endured test of time. Laura has since retired after having worked at People Magazine and Maurice is an entrepreneur and father of a large family who love one another unconditionally and know the difference between right and wrong.
While I’m always a sucker for books that make me cry, “An Invisible Thread” managed to achieve a trifecta of tears. Tears began to stream down my cheeks on three separate occasions when author Alex Tresniowski shares what Laura has had to endure in her own life, living in fear from her alcoholic father while serving as her brother and mom’s protector when her dad’s abusive behavior got completely out of hand. We also learn about Maurice, who lives with his mother, a drug addict, his grandmother Rose and several relatives who have notoriously been on the wrong side of the law.
If you’re a fan of “The Blind Side” or “Tuesday’s with Morrie” (honestly, who isn’t) then you will absolutely love An Invisible Thread. Check out the book trailer below and make sure you order the book for yourself and then pick up another copy for a good friend or relative. An Invisible Thread is truly a gift that is meant to be shared this holiday season!

Secrets of a Successful Avon Lady

Jill Saylor2.jpgI don’t know about you, but I remember the very first Avon lady who used to visit our house on a regular basis and sell all kinds of things to my mom. From hand creme, to perfume to make-up, Harriet was a friendly woman in her fifties who used to show up at our door every month and my mom always looked forward to seeing her. At the time, I didn’t realize that our Avon lady was making a nice living by visiting with my mom and our neighbors, but fast forward more than three decades, and it’s easy to see why becoming an Avon representative is a great option for working moms.
Just ask Jill Saylor, one of the top Avon Sales representatives in the country, who has been with the company for 15 years. Jill is a single mother with four children ranging in age from 15-21.
I got the chance to speak with Jill recently and she shared how she first was introduced to Avon. She says she first became a sales representative when she was 18 and sold the products for a short time. The second time around, Jill was pregnant with twins and did it for gas money.
But the third time, one of Jill’s friends attended an Avon seminar and she says, “She came back so excited, it sounded like so much fun.” Jill then decided to attend a seminar as well and came back energized and full of ideas to turn her role as an Avon representative into a source of income that could support her family.
Jill recalls that back in the beginning, she was like a traditional Avon lady – going door to door to share the latest catalogue with her neighbors in her community. She even says that sometimes, people saw her coming and would hide. She also sold the products to her friends, but shares that “friends will only shop from you for so long.”
After speaking with another successful Avon representative, Jill says her friend shared so many great ideas with her that “by the time I left my house, I know I had support. I was also older and had more ambition.” This time around, Jill did what she did best – she got out more and began talking to people. As she found out more about their lives, she says she experienced a newfound confidence where she had fun meeting people, finding out about them and showing them how Avon products could fit into their lives.
Soon her conversations turned into home parties with customers. From there, Jill explored her options with advertising and marketing – sharing her cards on bulletin boards. Word traveled fast that if you were interested in buying Avon products, Jill Saylor was the person to call.
These days, Jill has become incredibly tech savvy and says she lets everyone know that they can shop at her online store, Jill says that despite the fact that the nearest city to her home is 20 miles away, she is now able to be there for her customers through her online site and through Facebook. She also says that she makes sure that every Avon book she distributes has her website and Facebook address.
AvonSSSProducts1.jpgIn fact, Jill says that social media has proven to be a big success for her bottom line. “Facebook is a Godsend to me – I use Facebook a lot for my business. As often as I can I’ll post something about Avon in my status and link to Avon from my webpage.” Jill says she also puts reminders on her Facebook page and shares great news about friends, shoppers and colleagues.
Jill says that both skincare, their Naturals line and Mark products are her biggest sellers. Some of her personal favorite products include:
Silicon glove
Skin so Soft
Beyond color lip conditioner
Avon’s oatmeal product line
Jill also loves the brand’s Mark line, a trendier selection of products geared toward 16-24 year olds. The Mark brand offers trendy make-up products as well as a skin care line for younger girls. Jill says, “I remember being their age – you can still use all those things so that their skin doesn’t age – you don’t need age defying products, you need moisturizer and they have something cool that they can use.” Jill also admits that many of her girlfriends love the Mark brand too.
In addition to her own website, Jill runs her town’s Avon District page where she connects other Avon representatives in her area in order to keep everybody in the loop and on the same page.
Despite the downturn in the economy, Jill says her business has continue to thrive over the years. “I heard a woman talking the other day about how bad the economy is and how unemployment is up so high. So many people are joining Avon right now. When people ask me about my job – I tell them how much I love it and love being my own boss. My enthusiasm draws them in.”
Jill adds that Avon has given her the opportunity to be readily available to her kids. “I’ve been able to be there for my kids – go to doctor’s appointments – all these things that I do I have been able to be a part of. Usually I can make it to everything and I love that part of the job. I can fit it into my schedule. As a single mom, if I hadn’t become an Avon representative, I think I would have missed out on too much.”
In fact, Jill’s own children are following in her footsteps. She says her 19 year old daughter Asia started out as a Mark rep and is now an Avon representative and her 15 year old helps out too. “They are all very supportive. Asia really listens to me and seeing her friends get excited about the products got her excited.”
Seeing her own kids get excited by the possibilities of Avon, makes Jill a pretty proud mom. “I’m all they have right now and I love that part that they look up to me as their role model of what they can do with their lives.”
If you’d like to find out more about Jill or purchase Avon products through her website, visit her at or contact her on Facebook or via email at
Disclosure: This compensated post was sponsored by Avon.