Retail Therapy: Caved in on Coach Boots

q1222_blk_a0.jpegThe holiday season is here and that can only mean one thing. IT’S TIME TO GO SHOPPING! I don’t know about you, but I happen to go shopping every weekend. Some would say that it’s an addiction, but I look at it as a way to blow off steam from an incredibly stressful workweek. And let’s just say, this week was an absolute doozy. But let’s get right to the point.
The Coach boots.
Back in the day, I used to be a big fan of coach bags – I had black handbags, chocolate backpacks, wallets, you name it, I was a Coach girl. My Coach addiction has now traveled down to my tootsies. If you’ve never bought a pair of Coach shoes or boots, then Role Mommies, you don’t know what you’re missing. Last year, I purchased a gorgeous pair of black suede boots that stretch – I have very big legs and have a very hard time every season trying to find a pair that fit over my colossal calves. But thankfully, Coach always makes boots that fit and this year did not disappoint.
I have had my eye on these boots for at least three months. They are black suede with a skinny heel and a little belt around the bottom of the boot. And when you put them on, let me just say, they look like a million bucks. I have to admit, they are pricey and I was hoping that when I wandered into Lord & Taylor yesterday that they would be on sale but alas, stores never seem to mark down items that they know people like me, who pine for them are willing to pay top dollar.
When I raced to the Coach display and didn’t see my boots, I was a bit concerned. Could I have waited too long? What was I thinking – I should have bitten the bullet months ago. I selected something in its place and then found another boot that was on sale and hoped for the best. The shoe clerk disappeared for about 10 minutes and when she returned, she had a surprise for me. She had found my boots! I was excited but a little nervous since I knew they weren’t on sale and usually don’t splurge that high on footwear. But you know what? I’ve been working like a dog, and dammit, I deserve it.
And so, I slipped on the boots and like Cinderella at the ball, I knew I had met my perfect match. After trying on the other pairs, nothing quite compared to that luxurious suede with a sexy heel. Within minutes, I made my decision. I bought my Coach boots and never looked back. The only thing I do vow this year is to bring them to work and put them on in the office. I am a serial shoe killer – I wear them all over Manhattan and on the weekends and by the end of the season, my shoes need rehabilitative services. But not this time. I will treat my beautiful boots with expert care and hopefully, if I wear them practically every day or at least for the next two years, I will truly get my money’s worth. Then again, you can’t put a price on a great pair of boots.