Rock Your Socks with Little Missmatched!

308785_10150401582855579_36291950578_10266354_1871561837_n.jpgRecently, my daughter and I got the chance to visit the showroom of one of her favorite stores for tweens, Little Missmatched. Located in New York City, the funky office space offers an expansive view of true creativity in motion. When we arrived, we were greeted by Kerry Brown, the brand’s publicity director who instantly welcomed us while letting our daughters explore the cubicles and an office that sported a mobile of mismatched socks.
300003_10150401583130579_36291950578_10266359_1695657666_n.jpgAs the moms made their way around a conference table, we each introduced ourselves with a fun sock toss game and then our daughters were whisked away to the Little Missmatched closet while we got the chance to hear more about the brand. What we learned from the company’s founder was that the brand literally started as a dare. Jonah Staw, a former marketing whiz for Target, was challenged by a trend spotter to come up with an idea for the worst trend and he came up with mismatched socks. But when he thought more about his concept, he realized he might actually be on to something. From there, he began developing a line of socks that could be sold to adults and tweens. What he soon realized was that if he focused on a core group of consumers, tween girls, the brand could really strike a chord with a group continually facing self esteem issues on a regular basis. By empowering girls to explore their creative side, Little Missmatched first opened in New York City as a kiosk at Grand Central Terminal (I remember it well) and now, with a new CEO and a group of investors, the brand has expanded to 11 stores nationwide.
2011-09-24_14-43-01_952.jpgAt the event, we also met Jose Solis, the company’s creative director who is responsible for all the wacky fashions we see at the stores. In fact, as we sat around the conference table, adorning the walls were fashion boards filled with magazine clippings from the latest fashion shows. Each colorful board covers an entire year of fashion concepts and as you looked around the room, you could see his visions take flight. In fact, Jose even showed us a dress that was recently created from one of his drawings – he’s an incredible artist and designer who has worked with everyone from Ralph Lauren to Bill Blass to Oscar de La Renta. So if you wonder why your tween looks so incredibly fashionable when they step out of Little Missmatched, Jose has a lot to do with it.
312167_10150401582945579_36291950578_10266356_1091299678_n-1.jpgAfter the girls returned from their mini fashion getaway, they then showed off their creations, sporting everything from faux fur to penguin sweaters to the cutest rain and winter boots that I would totally buy if they sold them in my size. The girls also designed their own Little Missmatched t-shirts and we found out that winners of their t-shirt contest receive a $100 gift card and the chance to see their tee sold at Little Missmatched store locations.
We then learned about a really cool initiative being spearheaded for the first time by Little Missmatched. On Friday, October 21, the tween brand continues to think “outside the socks” with the declaration of National “Rock Your Socks” Day.
“With more and more tweens being bullied to conform, our nation is at a cross roads. One road leads to the dull: a place where we all part our hair on the same side, where we all eat vanilla ice cream, where we all wear matching socks. Boooor-ing! J Another road leads to creativity & self-expression…where we are free to be YOU and ME.”
Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 5.23.38 PM.pngIn celebration of National “Rock Your Socks” Day, throughout the month of SOCKtober (October), LittleMissMatched will be donating funds to support creative projects in local schools across the country through “With so many rules imposed on how kids should be, LittleMissMatched is a platform to self-express through color, pattern and mis-matching without any judgment,” shares Jose Solis, Creative Director at LittleMissMatched. From earthworm gardens to tumbling mats, classic novel collections to theatre supplies, LMM will support kid’s creativity everywhere!
So MARK your CALENDARS! National “Rock Your Socks” Day is officially Friday, October 21st. On this day, kids of all ages (1-101!) are encouraged to free their feet and rock their crazy socks as a symbol of creativity. A photo contest of crazy socks will be held on
To find a Little Missmatched store location near you or to order their awesome products online, visit their website today and get ready to rock your socks!