Walk Yourself Thin with Striiv

110810 Device with Ent.jpgYou know how I’m able to tell that a gadget is a total hit with my family? Simple – when everyone fights over it. That’s exactly what happened when I received Striiv – a super cool device that tracks your footsteps, knows when you’re climbing stairs or running and puts you through challenges that will help make our world a better place.
The great thing about Striiv is that it shows you how walking can lead you to your fitness goals. The first day I tried it out, I took it along with my family on a trip to New York City and within a matter of six hours, I walked more than 10,000 steps – the equivalent of climbing the Eiffel Tower! That’s the great thing about Striiv – it literally compares your strides to climbing mountains or traversing the world’s landmarks. Plus, the more you challenge yourself, the more points and rewards you earn. Sure, they’re virtual rewards but the amazing thing is that Striiv has partnered with GlobalGiving which means that every step you take will lead to a charitable donation.
Striiv retails for $99 and is currently available for purchase on their website.

October 19 Event: Ramp Up Your Financial Smarts

If you live in the tri-state area, you’re invited to a special program, “Especially for Women:  Take Charge of Your Financial Life”–at the White Plains Public Library, 100 Martine Avenue, White Plains, on Weds., Oct. 19, at 7 p.m. Get expert advice on setting personal financial goals, budgeting, investing, insurance, retirement planning, credit, and other important financial topics. The program is free, and refreshments will be served.
imgres-31.jpegOur keynote speaker and expert on investing is Susan Hirshman, author of “Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? A Women’s Guide to Finding Financial Empowerment and Success.” She worked for many years at JP Morgan and prior to that at KPMG. Susan has often been a speaker at Wealth Management Conferences throughout the country, has been quoted in numerous publications (Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, Kiplinger’s etc), and interviewed on various TV and radio- business news shows (CNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC etc.) Ms. Hirshman is president of the consulting firm SHE Ltd., which focuses on women’s financial literacy and client-financial advisor partnerships.
Deirdre Cosgrove .jpgOur expert on retirement planning and insurance will be Deirdre Cosgrove, an Allstate agent and owner of the Deirdre Cosgrove Agency, Inc., in White Plains, NY. As a successful businesswoman, she helps families prepare a strategy to achieve their financial goals and protect the things that are most important to them–family, home, and car. She is an expert in financial products including IRAs, mutual funds, variable life insurance, and variable annuity products.
solomonalgazi.gifOur panel will also feature Solomon Algazi, a nationally recognized credit education expert and the president and founder of Credit Servicez. He is often employed by the nation’s biggest banks and lenders to teach their customers how to understand and improve credit. His clients include lenders, auto dealerships, insurance brokers, and small business owners all seeking his expertise on their clients’ or their own personal credit problems.
Beth Feldman, founder of RoleMommy.com, an online community for parents, will moderate the panel discussion.
new logo 2008.jpgThe program is sponsored by the White Plains Library Foundation and supported by a grant from The Allstate Foundation to present women’s financial empowerment programs to the community. 
For information, please contact Libby Hollahan, Executive Director, White Plains Library Foundation, 914-422-1495.