Hoochie Mama

iStock_000011408607XSmall.jpgAs the parent of a tween who is thisclose to becoming a teenager, I have to say, I am afraid. You see, my daughter, who inherited an incredible figure from my sister-in-law is about to experience her first ever Bat Mitzvah party without us. Her official rite of passage begins this evening when she heads out to a camp friend’s party on Long Island to dance the night away with her friends.
I guess I should be thrilled that she’s growing up and getting the chance to assert her independence. But that means that the faster she matures, the more I have to worry about what she plans to wear when she’s out on the town without us.
Case in point. At tonight’s special event, she selected a fitted one shoulder purple mini dress that looks amazing but is incredibly sexy. And at 12, I really don’t want her giving off that impression to boys or to their parents who always cast a disparaging eye at the child that’s dressed a little too provocatively for her age. I’m not saying that the outfit is trashy – it’s actually really pretty but it definitely makes her look incredibly mature and as a conservative dresser, it totally takes me out of my own comfort zone with my child.
My daughter happens to share the same taste as her grandmother, whose favorite store is Cache and completely supports her decision to slip on a sexy outfit and show everyone what a knockout she is. The only problem is – I don’t want my 12 year old being a knockout or hoochie mama just yet. I want her to be 12.
Thankfully, I did manage to convince her to wear a wrap with her sexy dress and even purchased a more conservative outfit for the parties she’ll be attending in our neighborhood. I know I can’t necessarily lay down the law and tell her she can’t wear something because she looks too good in it but as her mom, I do have to look out for her safety and for her reputation. She’s a great kid – but sometimes a sexy outfit could cause more trouble than its worth. Perhaps I’m overreacting but all I can say is I’ll be eager to find out how her evening plays out. My hope is that she’ll dance around in footie socks with her camp friends laughing and jumping around like the little girl she still is. So boys – please stay away from my sexy daughter – at least for a little while longer.
Ah the joys of parenting…whoever said it gets easier is obviously not the parent of a tween…