Vega1jump.jpg We all want our children to be active and eat healthy, but it’s not so easy when they are home watching TV, playing video games and snacking on heaven knows what.  One of the biggest benefits of sending your child to overnight camp in Maine is they will spend all their time outside in nature; running, swimming, hiking, playing and breathing in the most amazing fresh air!  Not to mention eating delicious and nutritious meals all together, family style like the good old days.  As Ronald Hall, director of Camp O-AT-KA says, “All meals are sit down, the way family meal time used to be.”
It is so important to teach kids from an early age about nutrition and how to eat healthy. One of the best parts about going to camp in Maine is that a lot of the fresh produce and other foods all come from local farms.  Most camps now have a salad bar option with tons of fresh food and the camps try to teach kids about eating in moderation and having a well balanced diet all while enjoying the food experience.
Pam Cobb director of Camp Runoia says they have a farm program where kids can get in touch with farming and learn about composting.  Some of my favorite trips when I was in camp in Maine was when we went blueberry and strawberry picking.  Then we were able to eat the blueberry pie they baked from the blueberries we picked!  Talk about fresh! 
While fitness is a given at most sleep away camps, in Maine, the kids are outside playing sports and swimming all day long.  With more acres of land at Maine camps, kids have the opportunity to take healthy walks to their activities. In Maine, there are amazing day trips like mountain climbing, white water rafting, canoeing and more! There are so many ways for your kids to be active.