Thumbnail image for LePersonal Coach cover.jpg As busy moms, we usually come last on “the list”. Unfortunately between taking care of the kids, the household and working, there’s not much time left for working out at the gym. If you’re like me, you have been trying to lose the baby weight and those last 10 pounds for years (yes my youngest child is now four and a half). So when I read the cover of this book “A French Trainer’s Simple Secrets for Getting Fit and Slim without the Gym”, I thought to myself – I like the sound of that!
The Author of this book, Valerie Orsoni, is a celebrity coach and founder of LeBoot Camp as well as an entrepreneur, mom, cancer survivor, world-renowned trainer, nutritionist and so much more! In Valerie’s book, Le Personal Coach, she has tips on every page to help everyone get firm arms, a flat stomach, killer thighs and even a natural breast lift! She has amazing ways to fit all the moves in just a few minutes a day all while doing everyday activities. There is also great advice about nutrition throughout the book.
Here are some of my favorites-
“Work those stoplights: When you drive, each time you get to a red light, suck in your stomach during the entire duration of the lights.” I have been doing this and I feel it!
“Dance! Whenever you’re working at home, stand up, turn on your favorite fast-paced music, and dance. Nobody’s there but you, so let go of your toxic thoughts and stress. If you dance 6 times a day, that’s 20 minutes of cardio!” I love this one! Don’t feel embarrassed, nobody can see you, go crazy!
“Bring a small ball to your workplace. When sitting, put it between your legs at knee level. Squeeze and hold the squeeze.” This is so simple and yet, you will feel the burn!
The last section of the book, “Bon Appetit” has wonderful recipes from homemade hummus, to banana chips, to smoked salmon rolls and more.
I highly recommend this book whether you have time for the gym or not! I am now doing squats while brushing my teeth and I feel good about doing the dishes and cleaning because it burns lots of calories! This book will make you think twice about sitting still and doing nothing, it has made me stand a little taller and it may change the look of my body altogether.
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