Free_My_Mini_Spread.jpgHere at Role Mommy, we always love offering something special for our readers and today, we’ve got the deal of the summer! My Publisher, one of the leading publishers of photo books in the world, is giving away free My Mini photo books! Get ready to carry a photo book in your pocket, purse or wallet, with these fun, easy and portable creations. The new My Mini book is the size of a credit card and perfect for baby announcements and brag books. Plus, they make great birthday party favors and gifts for­ relatives….did I mention I have a Bat Mitzvah coming up in May 2012? Looks like I’ve just found the perfect goody bag option!
Free_My_Mini_Cover.jpgFor the price of most baby announcements ($2.49 each including shipping) it makes a great alternative to traditional baby announcements. Now here’s the best part…if you visit the My Publisher Facebook page today, select Like and enter your email address, you can receive a free My Mini photo book.
So what are you waiting for? Your free My Mini photo book is just a Facebook click away!