imgres-36.jpegI recently picked up A Stolen Life: A Memoir
by Jaycee Dugard and have to say, this well written account of Dugard’s 18 year ordeal after being kidnapped on her way to school is gut wrenching, shocking and disturbing.
In the book, Dugard is incredibly candid about everything that took place the day she was abducted at age 11 until her rescue nearly two decades later. From being held against her will in filthy conditions, to being sexually abused and raped repeatedly by her captor, to birthing two daughters as a teen, Dugard’s childhood was erased by a sick man and his wife who managed to convince her that the only place where she would be safe was by staying with them.
It only took me three days to read A Stolen Life and I have to say that I was amazed by Dugard’s resilience and perseverance in light of all the horrors she experienced. She is now committed to ensuring her teen daughters live a safe and happy life and with the help of her family and friends they will be able to do just that. Dugard also talks about her love of writing and apologizes to the reader if it seems her thoughts are scattered as she shares her story. However, I found that the book was incredibly well written, thought provoking and had me hooked throughout.
If you are the parent of a tween, I urge you to read A Stolen Life: A Memoir
. While the content is quite disturbing, its gripping account of a childhood stolen away in an instant, is one that should be shared and never forgotten.