The Southampton Shoppers Fave Five

I’d like to start this post by saying that I absolutely love the Hamptons. My parents have owned a house in Southampton for more than a decade and I look forward to visiting every year so I can dive back into my favorite summer past time…shopping!
Unfortunately, over the past few years, something strange has happened. Celebrities, models, wealthy Manhattanites and tourists have descended upon this charming village in droves and suddenly, the things I’ve loved about Southampton are being swallowed whole by the “I’m important because my parents told me so” generation.
The fact that you have to get dressed up to walk into town drives me nuts – not that I do (so I stick out like a sore thumb), but seeing waif thin women in pricey pumps pushing $1000 strollers along the sidewalk while they zip into boutiques and art galleries, will cause any bargain hunter like me to go into a state of shock.
July4.jpegDespite my frustration with the summer crowd, I have vowed not to turn my back on what I love about Southampton. I am here to share my hidden jewels – if you are ridiculously wealthy or just plain old pretentious, please don’t tell your friends about it.
1. Hildreth’s – This has been one of my favorite furniture shopping haunts for over a decade (and it’s been a fixture in Southampton for more than a century!) The store comes complete with items for every room in your house, including an adorable children’s section too. I’ve purchased gorgeous dining room pieces from Hildreth’s a nd nearly every piece in my mom’s house is furnished by their store. She visits so often, the ladies at Hildreth’s know her by name. 51-55 Main Street, Southampton, NY. (631) 283-2300
2. Primrose Lane – This clothing boutique is located adjacent to Hildreth’s and the owner is an absolute doll. Every time I purchase a dress, top or sweater from this boutique, I receive tons of compliments. They’ve got one of a kind quality items, friendly and attentive service and while their prices can at times be a little bit high (probably to entice the wealthier crowd), I always manage to find something I love at a price I can afford. 49 Main St Southampton, NY (631) 287-4565
3. Aimee’s Closet – Located on Job’s Lane, the owner of Aimee’s Closet is a staple in the community. She’s friendly, engages in conversation and has a very nice selection of summer skirts, bathing suit cover ups, tops and accessories. And her prices are incredibly reasonable. The operative word in a village where some of the boutiques are now charging more than $300 for a top and $1500 for a designer dress from Paris. I say, you can keep your Paris originals and give me more of the village charm. 67 Jobs Lane. Southampton, NY. (631) 283-7757
Screen shot 2011-07-04 at 10.19.00 AM.png4. Jildor – Hands down, the best shoe store in Southampton. While they do cater to the super rich, Jildor always offers reasonably priced sandals too and the staff is incredibly helpful. If you give them your price range, they won’t try to convince you to buy something out of the stratosphere (although you can find those shoes too if you’re in the mood to splurge). They have a wide selection of brands for day and evening occasions. While Jildor is always bustling, they always have someone ready to help you find the ultimate pair of shoes or sandals that’ll get you plenty of compliments all summer long. 30 Jobs Lane. Southampton, NY 11968 (631) 283-2450
5. Twist – Had to give a shout out to my daughter’s favorite store in Southampton. Twist is the ultimate boutique for tweens and teens. While their prices for adult clothes are a bit pricey, my daughter has always found something she loves and requests that whenever she accompanies us on shopping jaunts, that Twist is a part of the mix. Twist is your one stop shop for tweens and teens who are fixated on trendy fashions from some of their favorite brands. 46 Jobs Lane. Ste 1 Southampton, NY (631) 287-7990