Win a Nintendo DS Lite and Six Games!

Thumbnail image for mariobos.jpg We are happy to announce the five winners!
Congratulations to: Monique Rizzo, Josh Hamudot, Amanda Berrios, Noelle Cameron and Stanley Bondell!

What kid doesn’t love video games? Just in time for those long car rides or plane trips to your summer vacation destination, FIVE lucky winners will receive a DS Lite and six games! The games are: Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story, New Super Mario Bros., MarioKart DS, Mario Party DS, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-land Mayhem and Super Mario 64 DS. These games represent some of the best-selling fan-favorite Nintendo DS games of all time.
Just in case you don’t win this awesome contest, the portable Nintendo DS™ Lite system is getting a new suggested retail price of just $99.99 in the United States. The Nintendo DS family has become the best-selling video game system in history. More than 48.9 million systems in the Nintendo DS family have sold in the United States alone. Also, now six Mario™ games for Nintendo DS will receive new red packaging, making it easier than ever for consumers to identify these hit titles in stores.
“From the moment it launched, Nintendo DS Lite hit a sweet spot for consumers in terms of value, experience and fun,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “This new price point will introduce Nintendo DS Lite to even more consumers, and the new red packaging will make it easy for them to find their favorite Mario titles.” Mario is one of the most beloved video game characters and the top video game franchise of all time. For more information about Nintendo DS Lite, visit their website now!
All you need to do for a chance to win, is fill out the form below. It’s a cinch and well worth it! FIVE lucky winners will be chosen via on Friday August 5th. What are you waiting for? Just picture your kids’ face when you hand them their new DS and six games! Good luck.