iStock_000013450354XSmall.jpgI don’t know about you, but once summer arrives on our doorstep, there are a few things that I love to do all by myself. And trust me when I tell you, I am not alone. Here’s my fave five list…see if you can relate.
1. Escape with a great summer book. Once my daughter heads off to sleepaway camp and my husband has taken my son to the amusement park for a few hours of roller coaster and log flume fun, I retreat to our sunroom where I crack open a good book…just finished Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews and it was fabulous.
2. Cycling. There is nothing that quite compares to hopping on a bike and riding all over your neighborhood as you salivate over houses you’ll probably never be able to afford to live in. Good times.
3. Barbecue. We just purchased a brand spankin’ new Weber grill and I have to say, summer time grilling has now become my favorite past time. When you can grill a hot dog in less than five minutes, I say, Life is Good.
4. Shop for Sundresses. Another favorite thing on my weekend to-do list. Now is the time to pick up really adorable dresses at a fraction of the price from some of my favorite stores like Ann Taylor, LOFT, Lord & Taylor and White House Black Market. Keep shopping at these locations and you will reap the benefits with tons of money saving coupons.
5. Outdoor dining. Typically, this activity takes place with another person or with a group, but I’d be hard pressed not to share what I love about summer without including the places where I can spend hours staring out at the water just as the sun is setting in the west. In Westchester, my top picks are Harvest on the Hudson and Half Moon – both have bustling outdoor bar areas. There are plenty more places to choose from but my big requirement in the summer is that our outdoor experience has to come complete with a view of the water.
Do you have five guilty pleasures you’d like to share?