Book Review: Summer Rental

Tis the season to give yourself a timeout from your breakneck schedule and kick back with a fun and relaxing read.
97011414.jpegI was recently given a review copy of Summer Rental, a brand new novel by best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews and truth be told, I’m having a hard time putting it down! The book was released nationally last week and is already climbing up the bestseller’s list.
The story begins with Ellis, a divorced thirty-something woman, who, after being downsized from her bank job, decides to take the summer off along with her longtime girlfriends, Julia and Dorie. The trio rent a vacation house in the Outerbanks called “Ebbtide,” and within days of arriving, their adventure begins.
Summer Rental is packed with humor, romance, suspense, a pending divorce, an unexpected houseguest with a secret past, and much more. I don’t want to give anything away, but while reading the book, all I could think about was planning a personal summer getaway with my best girlfriends and how I’d love to see this book turned into a film.
If you’re looking to dive into a great read at the beach, on your front porch, vacation, a long road trip, or at your kids’ baseball or softball games (um, that would be me), then I highly recommend Summer Rental – a delicious read that arrives just in the nick of time. For a sneak peak of Summer Rental, visit Amazon.