Denise Jonas Chats with Role Mommy

NYC Single Mom Linda Grant and her daughter get to meet pop superstar Nick Jonas and his amazing mom Denise…
115611805LM020_The_Quaker_C (1).JPGEver wonder what it’s like to be the mom of one the most famous groups in the world? Well, I got the chance to find out when I interviewed Denise Jonas, the mom of Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas, aka the Jonas Brothers and let’s not forget the youngest Jonas brother Frankie.
From the moment she walked into the room, I could tell she was like every other mom I know but just happened to have talented and famous children, supportive, involved and happy that the fans love her sons as much as she and her husband do. As I was interviewing her, I envisioned that her house was always filled with friends and family, the house everyone wants to be invited to and hang out.
Denise was attending an event with her son Nick, who is teaming up with Quaker Chewy Granola Bars to launch a new singing competition for kids. The contest, known as the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search, was created to give parents of kids ages 8 – 14, a platform to showcase their kid’s vocal talents. The Grand Prize winner will get to record a song produced by Nick Jonas, an online music video, a contract with Jonas Group Management and $5,000 in cash. For more information on the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search. Visit for exact locations, dates and times.
Thanks to Beth, good friend and blogging mentor, I was invited along with fellow bloggers Amy Oztan from and Katja Presnal from to see Nick Jonas perform and interview Denise. And for the record, my eight-year-old daughter asked if she could read two of the questions and Denise graciously said, yes. Sweet, right! A thoroughly memorable experience for both mother and daughter.
Our Q & A with Denise Jonas:
Question: How have you managed to keep your sons grounded despite their
meteoric rise to fame?
Denise: I don’t know that I am responsible. I think that I have done the best I could as far as being a parent with my husband and I collectively trying to parent them. Keeping them focused on not necessarily on fame or what they are doing but focused on being a good person. That’s we have always stressed and I think that’s what’s helped them to always think about others not themselves.
Question: What is your advice to parents who have kids who dream of pursuing
a career in music?
Denise: I would say, that it’s really important to listen to your kids, and pay attention to what their ideas are, never discourage them from their goals, even if you might think are unattainable. Nick said I was singer but he was really being kind because I am not really a good singer. His dad is really the musical one. I try to encourage all of them in their gifts. My youngest son, Frankie has different gifts, so I am trying to encourage him in new ways.
Question: Now that your sons are getting older, are you finding more time?
for yourself to do the things you’ve always loved to do?
Denise: I like this question because it’s a natural question for women especially those who are stay at home but as I said, before about embracing life and living in the moment. This has been a pretty fast experience and I think that I have tried to live and experience every moment. I always felt that this is what I loved to do. I am still missing cooking for them which is satisfying. Just as Nick likes fans to sing with him, I like when they are eating my food. I am having a little more time for myself which is kind of hard, I don’t know what to do with it. But I have always just felt like that life was not about me and I think you have more reward when you take the focus of yourself especially as a mom. I think it’s rewarding when my kids are blessed.
Question: What would you cook for you them?
Denise: My family is of Italian background. My grandmother was of French descent but they love everything Italian that I cook. They love my chicken enchiladas that my mom passed down. We were always about eating healthy. We were always very careful about eating together.
Question: Did you go on the road when they were younger?
Denise: As Nick mentioned, he was auditioning a lot in New York but he did not go on the road until he was twelve. I would travel when he was in the tri-state area as much as I could. My husband was also working another job so he could not travel. My brother, who had just graduated it was the perfect fit, went with them on the road. There were not gone for extensive periods of time. After the first year, I was able to go with them.
Question: What is your favorite place since you have been all over the place?
Denise: I love Europe and New York and miss being on the East coast a lot. That’s the best part, is that we have travelled and seen the world together. I love that Frankie can say that at ten years old, his favorite city is Rome. Who can say that? It’s been a blessing.
My interview with Denise Jonas had to be one of the most relaxing, and laid-back interviews I have ever had and it’s thanks to her, engaging and warm personality. With an incredibly positive outlook on life, Denise is a true Role Mommy who encouraged her children to accomplish their dreams and as a result, they’re all living happily ever after.