Flavor over Fizz Challenge with Hungry Girl!

Thumbnail image for mocktail.jpg Recently I had the pleasure of being on a video call with the fabulous Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, from HGTV and The Food Network. She is helping get the word out about Crystal Light’s new contest – Flavor over Fizz Challenge! They are asking you to give up diet soda for the summer and drink Crystal Light instead… you will end up drinking more water and with all the amazing flavors they offer, you may never go back. You have the chance to win amazing prizes every day, like an iPod nano, a bike, Michael Kors watch and so much more. All you need to do is go to the Crystal Light Facebook page and click flavor over fizz on the left side to enter the contest.
Crystal Light even has limited edition mocktail flavors that are perfect on a hot summer day! You can try the mojito, appletini, margarita flavor, or mix it up. Here’s a great idea – add some ice and a little water and you have a delicious, refreshing slushy! Or put them in the freezer and make ice pops. It’s only 5 calories per serving! Perfect to serve at a BBQ or relaxing with your friends. These flavors won’t be available for long so get them while you can. If you are like me and are trying to stay away from artificial sweetners (my headaches are so much better since I cut that out of my diet- and i was a huge diet soda drinker) you can try the Crystal Light Pure line. My favorite flavor is the lemonade.
What are you waiting for? A healthier you and a chance to win cool prizes every day? Grab some friends and enjoy your mocktails without the guilt! And check out Hungry Girl on The Cooking Channel and The Food Network all summer long.
Disclosure: I received a sample of Crystal Light’s new Mojito flavor packets prior to this video conference call.