To Spank or Not to Spank, that is the Question…

Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 10.12.59 AM.pngToday, I got to chance to weigh in or shall I say confess my less than par parenting skills when it comes to the topic of spanking. This morning’s ‘Mom’s the Word’ segment on the WPIX morning news tackled the topic of disciplining kids and Dr. Lawrence Balter had some important advice for me and new mom/WPIX anchor Sukanya Krishnan:
Spanking is bad!
Yes – even if you want to smack your toddler’s hand when they try to touch the stove, Dr. Balter says don’t do it! Instead, take them out of the environment they’re in so that they stay away from dangerous situations. Of course, that would require the parent to exert some energy and potentially leave a place earlier than they anticipated (such as the supermarket or a restaurant), but Dr. Balter says, the earlier you nip your kids’ negative behavior in the bud, the better off you’ll be.
Take a look…
As for my kids, who are now almost nine and 12, we obviously don’t resort to spanking but I did admit that I’m a bit of a yeller. And guess what – yelling does not work. It might relieve stress, but Dr. Balter says if you discuss with your child what you should take away if they do something wrong, that’s the better way to go. For us, taking sleepovers and cell phones out of the equation oftentimes works like a charm. And as for my son, I’m sure once his brand new eSpark Razor arrives on our doorstep just in time for his birthday, that’ll be a good bargaining chip if he misbehaves.
So now it’s time for you to weigh in. Do you spank, yell or punish your kids when they do something you’re not happy about? No answer is wrong – well, according to Dr. Balter, spanking is – but feel free to share, it’s cathartic, really it is!