The Girdle Chronicles: Summer Sob Story

Weight-Gain-Pills.jpegIt happened again. It’s nearly June and the 15 pounds I’ve been trying to lose since my son was born (he is now nine), is still attached to my thighs, hips and posterior and now I’m headed into the most self conscious time of the year…summer.
Summer, the season for short shorts, mini skirts and dare I say, bikinis. Summer when women with really nice legs get to flaunt them and women with really bad legs search high and low for a great sarong that will cover them from head to toe.
Summer is the time for barbecues, great fruit, and fruity drinks with incredibly high caloric content that do nothing to help you as you attempt to lose weight. So here I am, thisclose to June 1st vowing yet again that I will be happy with the way I look this season. Despite the fact that I’m not fitting into the size I’d like to be, I am determined to do some form of exercise every day. In fact, I recently invested in a hers and hers bike. What’s that, you ask? Simple. When you go to a bike store with your daughter to get yourself a bike and she likes it so much that she begs you to get her one too, you acquiesce and voila, you now both have the exact same bicycles.
Tonight, we actually took our very first family bike ride of the season, complete with visiting friends in the neighborhood – I even turned down a piece of pie with whipped cream – what’s the point of riding a book and burning some calories only to slap them back on your body by inhaling a slice of raspberry pie. Instead, we left our friends’ house and rode some more until the sun set. We then headed home and I inhaled a few scoops of Edy’s low fat Fudge Tracks while watching summer re-runs.
Here’s hoping that by Independence Day, my newfound desire to get in shape will not just be a passing phase. I remember one July 4th getting so depressed after seeing the size of my butt in a store window. Well I say, this year that’s not going to happen. I’m going to eat right, exercise, drink a lot of water, ride my bike and maybe even jog. Maybe I’ll even try yoga and pilates. So check back with me in a month – I’ll share my progress and hopefully by then I’ll be a few pounds lighter. Either that, or I’ll be the one avoiding store windows.