Best Toys for Summer: Time to Play

dylanscooter.jpgRecently, I got the chance to attend the “Time to Play” showcase – a special event spearheaded by the editors of Time to Play Magazine which gives media and bloggers the inside track on some of this summer’s hottest toys. The folks at Time to Play painstakingly test every single toy that they recommend so lucky for us, when we got to peruse nearly two dozen tables of toys, we were getting the chance to take a gander at the cream of the crop.
Coincidentally, the event took place the same day as Take Your Child to Work Day so I decided, as an early birthday present to my son Dylan to let him skip school for the day so that he could be my junior reporter. Besides, when it comes right down to it, my 12 year old daughter and almost nine year old son are the arbiters of what toys are hip and cool for kids. So let’s get right down to it.
While there were tons of exhibitors to choose from, Dylan instantly honed in on the Razor espark scooter – which you will get to see in action in the video below. The electric scooter can travel at speeds close to 12 miles per hour (hello, elbow pads, knee pads and a helmet) and if you hit the clutch, you’ll leave sparks in your wake. My son was so infatuated with the Razor that he switched his must have item on his birthday list to the scooter (sorry iTouch…maybe next year).
Some of Dylan’s favorite picks for birthday’s, holidays and rainy days…
Zing Toys – Z Curv Bow and Arrow that’s Safe!
Poptropica – a virtual world with plush toys created by Jeff Kinney (author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series)
DaGeDar – Competitive Racing Collectibles
Paper Jamz – electric guitars, drums and karaoke machine for under $30!!!
FlipOutz – cool bracelets invented by two kids that come with unique coins that you can trade with friends and connect online (in a safe social networking community) by using the codes provided.
Check out all the fun toys we got to test out…

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