Oh Brother! Comics: Winners Announced!

chiara.jpgWe finally have a winner in our “Oh Brother!” Is Your Kid a Character contest. After receiving lots of great entries, our judges cast their votes and the winner of the contest is Chiara, a 7 year old from Columbia, MO whose mom shared the following funny tidbit about her daughter:
“My kid is a character because she can always turn a bad situation into a good one. Her random funniness is what gets me through my day. Last week we were talking and she said ‘Mom I’m never getting married and I asked her why and she said ‘because boys like to take your paycheck and play video games all day and I don’t have time for it Mom!'”
ohbrother.pngIn the coming weeks, Chiara will get the chance to be featured in an upcoming “Oh Brother!” comic strip which will be syndicated by King Features in newspapers nationwide. The comic strip will also be featured on Role Mommy and in the May issue of Project You Magazine. Our runners up will receive a comic stip autographed by Oh Brother! creators Bob Weber Jr. and Jay Stephens. Check out all our runners up and thanks to everyone for entering this fun contest and to our judges for casting their votes! Make sure you visit the Oh Brother! website for fun games and the chance to upload your own artwork. And make sure you read the Oh Brother! comic strip in your local newspaper!
Oh Brother! Is Your Kid a Character? Runners Up:
Trent, age 10
Norfolk, NE
Allie, age 8
New York City, NY
Dominic, age 9
Reminderville, OH
Clay, age 7
Klamath Falls, OR
Sarah, age 3
Voorhees, NJ
Hayden, age 5
Newnan, GA
Nicholas, age 6
Rice, TX
Sera, age 11
Middlesex, NJ
The “Oh Brother” Is Your Kid a Character contest was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer’s Network.