Top 10 Wedding Movies

Prince william kate middleton.jpegIn honor of the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, I’m getting all weepy eyed and reminiscent. I always love watching and/or participating in a great reception and luckily, had my own fairytale wedding many years ago. In fact, we’ll be celebrating our 15th anniversary this August. I will still never forget the moment I walked down the aisle to the theme from “Phantom of the Opera.” I kept telling everyone that the synagogue we were married in made me feel like Maria from the “Sound of Music” but I didn’t think that “How do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” would have gone over well with our guests so instead, I opted for the traditional Barbra Streisand rendition from “Phantom.”
Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved everything about weddings. What I love most are movies that capture the spirit of marriage in all its glory (and anguish too). So I’ve decided to compile a top 10 list of my favorite wedding movies of all time. If you have a few hours to kill (or have time to give yourself a time out), watch them this week as we gear up for the Prince and future Princesses’ nuptials. It’ll make you feel all warm and cozy inside and might even compel you to watch your own wedding video…problem on my end is I no longer own a VCR so the memories of my wedding will for the time being remain in my wedding album, my bedroom (where tons of photos from our special day adorn our walls and dresser) and of course in my mind!
Top 10 Wedding Movies of All Time
Steel Magnolias – Call me a sap, but I can never get enough of the opening scene from one of my favorite films of all time when Tom Skerritt is trying to chase away geese by shooting them and Weezer (played by Shirley Maclaine) is on the verge of going postal because he’s driving her dog insane. Plus, the pink theme completely hit home with me (pink flowers, dresses, a pink armadillo cake, you get the drift). And don’t even get me started when things go south for Shelby or Sally Field’s incredible meltdown in the cemetary – I want to start crying just thinking about it. Make sure you have a box full of tissues for this five hanky classic.

Father of the Bride – This film, starring Kimberly Williams, Steve Martin and Diane Keaton will always remain a personal favorite of mine. In fact, many of the songs from the soundtrack were played at my own wedding. I mean how can you not forget “The Way You Look Tonight.” Love, love, love this movie and the fact that it makes me cry every time I see it!

My Best Friend’s Wedding – Another classic starring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Again, with classic tunes that you won’t be able to get out of your head and an always enjoyable Julia Roberts doing whatever it takes to get the guy. Love her!

Wedding Crashers – Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will have you laughing until your sides hurt in this film about two guys who spend their social lives crashing weddings until the day, they come face to face with the women of their dreams.

Four Weddings and a Funeral – I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for any movie starring Hugh Grant. Plus, I love films starring British actors since their humor always has me in stitches. Nevertheless, while the actual weddings aren’t that memorable, the friendships and romance that blossoms and falls apart between Grant and Andie MacDowell has me falling for this comedy every time I see it.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – While Nia Vardalos charms everyone with her ugly duckling to Greek swan transformation, my favorite part about this film are all the supporting players – from her parents, her Greek aunt and her straight laced future in-laws. Who can forget the bunt cake scene or the dad who solves every problem with Windex? Take a look…

The Wedding Singer – I am a sucker for any movie starring Drew Barrymore and this one is definitely at the top of my list. Maybe it’s because it’s set in the 80’s and spoofs so many of the hairstyles, outfits and music I remember from what I believed at the time to be my Glory Days (it’s now morphed into, what was I thinking wearing blue eye shadow?) Or maybe it’s the incredibly sweet friendship and romance that eventually blossoms between Julia and Robby. The supporting players in the film are hilarious too – from the sweet grandma/music student who pays Robby in meatballs, to Robby’s best friend (“They were cones!), his arch nemesis played by Jon Lovitz, evil ex-girlfriend and Billy Idol, who helps him win Julia’s heart. “The Wedding Singer” is truly one of those movies that never gets old, no matter how old I get!

Muriel’s Wedding – Put the Abba Soundtrack in any movie and you’ll have me hooked. This film, starring Toni Collette as a young woman obsessed with getting married has all the perfect ingredients in a romantic comedy – laughs, tears, surprises, setbacks and much more. I also love Muriel’s personal transformation after she leaves her hometown of Porpoise Pit for good. Incidentally, I am not putting Mamma Mia in my top 10 – though I love Abba, the movie itself doesn’t quite make the best of the best when it comes to wedding films.

Made of Honor – What can i say, you had me at Patrick Dempsey. This one, had me laughing from beginning to end as Dempsey’s character Tom desperately tries to win back the girl he thought was his best friend until she falls in love with another man while visiting Scotland. Nothing gets better than watching Patrick Dempsey do whatever it takes to win back the woman of his dreams.

Bride Wars – Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway become the brides from hell after they pick the same wedding date and decide to have it at the Plaza hotel. Despite the fact they’re best friends, the pair attempt to sabotage one another’s plans. By the end, one of the brides makes it down the altar while the other one gets cold feet. You’ve gotta watch to find out!

The Proposal – Sandra Bullock stars as a boss from hell who is on the verge of being deported when she convinces her handsome assistant (who lives in fear of her) to marry her. The pair fly to Alaska to meet his parents and grandmother (played by the incredibly hilarious Betty White) and the laughs and physical comedy that Bullock manages to engage in are non-stop.

Have any funny movies we’ve missed? Share them now!

How Kids Can Plant a Garden

Screen shot 2011-04-22 at 11.50.19 AM.pngIn honor of Earth Day, here at Role Mommy we decided to put the kids in our life to work. You see, I am a huge flower lover, so last week, while on the hunt for energy efficient light bulbs at Home Depot, I happened upon several beautiful flower displays and instantly decided, it was time to spruce up our front yard.
After purchasing hyacinths, tulips, peonies and daisies along with a brand new shovel and some Miracle Gro, I brought everything home and then shared my plan with my daughter. We were going to plant some new flowers just in time for Earth Day. While I thought the activity was going to be a mother/daughter team project, my 12 year old had other plans. She decided to enlist her friends in the effort and here’s how it turned out…

B Kind 2 Earth Day.jpegTo find out how more kids and parents are doing their part this Earth Day, visit B Kind 2 Earth Day where individuals and families all across the country are giving back to our planet by doing some amazing green projects.
Thanks to the amazing ladies at The Motherhood and Nickelodeon for inviting us to partner with them on this wonderful campaign!

Five Ways to Kick a Bad Cold

iStock_000005526471XSmall.jpgIt took nearly 365 days, but Mother Nature finally caught up with me. Perhaps the warm weather gave me a sense of reckless abandon. I cast my gloves aside after braving arctic temperatures and carelessly held onto metal subway poles, touching handrails and door knobs in my wake. Or maybe it was the fact that my daughter had caught a cold the week prior and managed to sneeze and cough in my direction at least three dozen times. But I was like Superman, impervious to cold germs. The weather was finally getting warmer and I had survived the winter without a single sniffle.
And then, the moment I let my guard down, it happened. I woke up last Sunday with a scratchy throat and while I initially attempted to shake it off, the signs became progressively worse. By the end of the day, my nose was completely stuffed, I couldn’t breathe and my head felt like it had placed in a vice. And that’s when I turned to my old faithful…Vicks.
The funny thing was, about two weeks ago when I was feeling completely fine, a very special delivery arrived in the mail from the folks at Vicks that came complete with two new Vicks products and an iPad which instantly directed me to the Vicks Vapor Rub fan page, which offers advice and helpful information about battling colds, cough and flu. Incidentally, if you visit the Vicks VapoRub page, over 67,000 people have liked Vicks. I’m sure there are millions more like me who turn to Vicks in their hours of need. In fact, let me share the regimen I undertook to rid my body of this awful cold.
First, I bought a Vicks Steam Inhaler. Think netty pot with a scent that’ll clear out any mucous from your nostrils and chest after a few whifs. I know – it sounds gross, but when you’re feeling achy, breathing in a little steam can do wonders for a head cold.
Next, I popped a Dayquil in my mouth – making sure I stayed awake while writing and working my usual schedule – no day off for me!
Before I hit the hay, I grabbed a jar of Vicks VapoRub topical ointment (which incidentally is safe for kids too – I had used it on my daughter the week prior) and applied it and then laid down while watching my favorite reality shows. Incidentally, my family opted to watch TV in another room since the smell was a bit strong for them. I could care less considering every time I took a breath through my nose it felt like heaven.
By 8 pm, I popped a capsule of Nyquil in my mouth and got ready for that wonderful drowsy feeling to wash over me. For the record, while I used to swallow the hard stuff (Nyquil in a bottle) ever since they came out with the same potent medicine in capsules, I fell for it hook line and sinker.
While I was holed up on the couch feeling like a dish rag, it was pretty nice to kick back and read People Magazine on my brand new iPad (thank you Vicks) – another tip for someone feeling under the weather. Take a break, grab your favorite blanket and read a novel or celebrity magazine! Thanks to my wonderful head cold, I now know everything there is to know about the courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
By day five of my cold, I was finally able to breathe through my nose again and while part of it settled in my chest, I took some cough medicine and then stuck my head over the steam inhaler a few more times and voila, I had finally kicked the virus to the curb.
So there you have it. While it may have taken five days, I managed to bombard those germs with everything from steam, to creams to drowsy and non-drowsy cold and cough medicine. Here’s hoping I won’t be catching another cold for at least 365 days. Maybe I should start wearing gloves all year round.
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Disclosure: Although I was not compensated for posting about the Vicks brand, I did receive an iPad in order to experience the new VapoRub Facebook page and the power of touch.

American Idol Re-Cap

If you missed last night’s Idol, Shari Von Holten at HaveuHeard Shares the Latest News
MB1_9849.jpgAmerican Idol is down to the final six. This week’s contestants sang songs from the 21st century.
After two consecutive weeks in the bottom three, Stefano Langone, a wild card who made it further than anticipated, sang his final song on American Idol’s 10th season.
Joining Stefano in the bottom three was Haley Reinhart, who has landed in the bottom three four times. Jacob Lusk joined Stefano and Haley in the bottom for his second week in a row.
Special guests last night were Katy Perry, who was joined by Kanye West to perform their song, ET. Also performing was David Cook, from American Idol Season 7, who debuted his new single ‘The Last Good Bye’ in honor of his brother who passed away.
Only three contestants have been consistently safe, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and James Durbin. Is this who we can expect to see in the final three?
Who do you think is going to win season 10 of American Idol?
David Cook’s ‘The Last Good Bye Video’