Sweet Tweets™: Putting the Fun Back in Lunch

IMG_0109.JPGI don’t know about you, but when it comes to making my kids lunches, I fall into the assembly line category. My poor kids pretty much get the same sandwiches and snacks every day of the week so when I got the chance to host a lunch box making workshop sponsored by Sweet Tweets™ candy, I was excited to finally jazz up my kids’ Monday-Friday routine.
The event was held at Taste Buds in New York City and some of my favorite blogging moms and dads joined us along with their kids to create adorable bento lunch boxes that were nutritious, incredibly unique and filled with love, thanks to Sweet Tweets! Take a look at this fun video from the event…

Michael Giardina, who works in marketing for “Bazooka Candy Brands,” shared a special story about how Sweet Tweets can make an impact on kids and adults…

With the launch of Sweet Tweets™ candy, “Bazooka Candy Brands,” newest sweet and colorful candy offering comes printed with a cute emoticon attached to a decorative paper board featuring fun, illustrative designs. The product adds a personal touch to the quick and convenient connections that are a part of today’s culture through the ability to provide a short, handwritten note with the perfect punctuation – a sweet treat. Great in a lunchbox, locker or overnight bag, Sweet Tweets™ is available at retail and at www.sweettweetnotes.com at a suggested retail price of $0.99 per pack. You can also visit Sweet Tweets on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SweetTweets or follow on Twitter @SweetTweets.
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