Reading Apps for Little Ones

threelittlepigs.jpg We all know our kids love to play with our iPads… most four year olds can navigate them like pros. Angry birds and games are fun, but how about some good old fashioned children’s stories? We recently were given the opportunity to sample a new app for kids from Nosy Crow, an independent company that publishes children’s books and apps. The new app, called The Three Little Pigs is an interactive story that boys and girls ages three to eight will love, and it’s in 3-D!
On the home page you have three choices… You can have the story read to you and a little bell will go off when it’s time to click the arrow to go to the next page. You can read the story yourself, great for the older kids who are learning to read! And there is a Read and Play option where there are blue dots on the characters that the kids can touch for them to say things along with the story, it’s adorable! There is also original music playing along that is cute and catchy.
Kids will have a ball when they flick the pigs to make them jump and spin, tilt the device to see more of the scene, tap the pigs to help them build their houses and so much more! There are lots of hidden surprises like spiders and a sweet little rabbit who wants to be friends with the pigs. You can download this app for $7.99 and keep your little techno-savvy munchkins entertained as they become immersed in this classic tale for the digital generation.
Disclosure: We were provided with a free promotional code to review this app.