Power Up Your Brain with Dr. David Perlmutter

power up your brainThroughout my life, my mom and I have lived in fear. We’re not fearful of strangers, earthquakes, plane crashes, or other disasters. My mom and I are fearful of losing our memory. You see, my grandmother and great grandmother developed Alzheimer’s pretty early on in life and as a result, my mom has spent the greater part of her retirement attempting to stave off the disease by taking college courses at Florida State University, doing yoga, pilates, aerobics, playing canasta, and eating healthy foods. And guess what? What my mom is doing might be the answer to keeping her memory loss at bay.
I recently had the opportunity to host a roundtable discussion with Dr. David Perlmutter, the co-author of Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightment. In Power Up Your Brain, Dr. Perlmutter and his co-author Albert Villoldo Phd. have devised a ground-breaking, five-week plan that helps prime the brain for enlightenment. With nutritional advice, dietary supplements, physical exercise, shamanic practices, meditation, and visualizations, Perlmutter and Villoldo guide readers, step by step, through a program to help them clear their minds from previous trauma and open themselves up to experience the inner peace, vast insight, and extraordinary creativity that define the experience of enlightenment, paving the way to successfully face the challenges to come.
Dr. Perlmutter shared how the book came to fruition and why the combination of neuroscience and enlightenment is crucial to our overall well being:

During our discussion, Dr. Perlmutter shared insight and offered advice on several topics including memory loss, autism, ADHD and MS. He also said that we should approach our health the same way we would our home and as John F. Kennedy remarked, “fix the roof when the sun is shining.” That means, the key to optimum health is in the hands of the healthy. Not only do we need to eat right, avoid processes foods and toxins, but we should also make sure our bodies have enough Vitamin D, DHA and magnesium to help ward off a slew of illnesses that can affect the brain.
When asked about heredity and whether we could do anything to prevent Alzheimers, this is what Dr. Perlmutter had to say:

We will be sharing additional video commentary and tips from Dr. Perlmutter over the next few weeks and hope that by the time you’ve seen our entire discussion, you’ll be enlightened and empowered to take care of your body and your brain!
In the meantime, thanks Dr. Perlmutter for all your invaluable advice. I’ve been taking my supplements every day now and feel great. Time to start cracking on that five week plan!
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